The differences between VPS & shared hosting plans with InMotion web hosting

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If you are thinking about which InMotion hosting plan to go with, then you may be deciding between a basic shared plan and a VPS hosting plan.  VPS hosting plans are more expensive than shared plans.  But are they worth it?

First of all, I’ll just start off by saying yes, definitely.  I had a shared plan with InMotion and ended up upgrading to a VPS hosting plan.  I never regretted upgrading or thought about downgrading.

I think you should choose a VPS hosting plan, for a variety of reasons.  I’ll go over the two biggest reasons here.


The main reason to go with a VPS hosting plan.  As in, a lot faster.

You see, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.  What this means is that you are sharing your resources with very few people.  That is why it is virtually a private server.  It is not technically a private server, but it almost is.  By sharing your resources with very few other websites, you don’t have to worry about anyone else slowing your website down.

But that is not the case with a shared plan.  If a lot of other websites on your shared plan  are using a lot of resources, then it can slow your website down.

Think about it like sharing your internet plan with other people in your house versus sharing your internet with everyone else in your neighborhood.  If everyone in your neighborhood was using the internet at the same time and a lot of people were doing things like streaming movies, then it would take up a lot of the resources.  Then your internet would be a lot slower.  That wouldn’t the case if you were only sharing your internet with a few people.

Now, why is speed important for a website?  Well, speed has been shown to be a key factor in whether or not someone stays on your website.  After all, over half of mobile users say they leave a website based on load time, websites with shorter loading speeds have conversation rates two to three times higher than their slower counterparts, and Google uses speed to determine page rankings.  This means that having a slower website could run potential users and customers away and having a faster website could get more people to find your website on Google.  And I don’t think I have to really convince you why it’s important to make sales and get people to find and stay on your website.


In addition to a shared plan making your website run slower, someone else using too many resources could cause your website to go down.  Obviously, any downtime your website experiences is not good.  No one likes seeing an error message, and you could lose so many customers this way.  You are less likely to have that happen to you with a VPS plan.


VPS hosting plans really aren’t that much more expensive than shared plans with InMotion.  InMotion has some of the most reasonably priced VPS hosting plans out there.

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The current deal going has VPS plans starting at just $17.99/month.  Shared hosting plans start at $2.99/month.  That’s really not much more money when you consider just how much more you get with a VPS plan.

And you can more than make up that difference in money by having a faster website.  As I said before, you should be able to make a lot more sales and get more people to your website, and stay on your website, with a VPS plan.  That is more than enough to make up for the $15 monthly difference.


While the shared plan is cheaper than the VPS plan, the price difference is not enough to dissuade you from going with a VPS plan.  The VPS plan will help you get faster rates and less downtime.  That will make less people leave your website frustrated over slow rates or error messages.  It will make people more likely to buy your products.  And it will help you rank higher in Google.  Because of this, you should opt to spend more money and go with a VPS plan if you want your website to be successful.

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