How to start your own video game podcast

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Are you a gamer?  Do you love talking about video games?  Would you love to do so in a podcast format?

Then it sounds like you’d like to start a video game podcast!  The only question is, how do you go about doing that?  If you don’t have any experience producing podcasts, then you may think it would be too hard for you to get started.

But the truth is, it is not.  To help you get started, we laid out a step by step guide so you could create your own podcast.

Step #1: Figure Out What Your Podcast is All About

Obviously, your podcast is going to be about video games.  But do you want it to be more specific than that?

There are a lot of directions you could take with your video game podcast.  Your podcast could review different video games in every episode.  You could have a podcast about video game history.  Or maybe you want to report on video game news.  Perhaps you would like to talk about specific video game genres (such as RPG video games) or you want to focus, say, on video games created by women or minorities.  Maybe you want to do a mix of all of that.  But this is the step where you can really figure out what you want to do.

Another question you should ask yourself during this step is, are you going to do this by yourself?  Or will you have a co-host?  Do you want to have interviews during your podcast?  Get those creative juices flowing!

Step #2: Name Your Podcast

So part of why it is so important you think about what your podcast is about is that it could help you name your podcast.  It’s great when your name more or less tells you what your podcast is about.  For example, the podcast “Kinda Funny Gamescast” lets listeners know it will be about gaming, but in a humorous fashion.  The title “Remember the Game?” helps listeners know they will be talking about great classic, retro games from the past.  The title “The Psychology of Video Games” is also pretty self-explanatory.

Having a title like this is great for when people are searching through Apple, Spotify, etc. for a new podcast to listen to and they see the name of your podcast.  It could help get the right kind of listeners interested (as in listeners who would be interested in what you’re talking about).

But of course, the choice of your name is all up to you.  This is, after all, your podcast, so it can reflect you and your personality.  But make sure it is truly unique, as in Google the name you think of to make sure no one else has taken it!

Step #3: Protect Yourself Legally

You may be thinking about doing this as just a hobby where you don’t earn money.  If so, you can skip this step.

But perhaps you are thinking of earning money from this podcast.  You might be thinking about earning some extra money – or perhaps eventually, making this your job.

Either way, if you are going to earn money from the podcast, you will need to protect yourself legally.  You can start by creating a business for your podcast.  You can check your local laws to make sure you’ve followed proper guidelines.

After that, consider forming an LLC.  I have created an LLC whenever I have started a business.  We go over the pros and cons of starting an LLC here.

Step #4: Get The Right Tools

Remember the expression a workman is only as good as his tools?  Well, the same concept can apply to podcasters.  After all, you’ll need software that can edit your work if need be.  You’ll want to block air blasts that cause popping sounds during your broadcast.  Not being able to do this could really affect the quality of your work.

So we go over tools you’ll need to start a podcast here.

Step #5: Start Producing Episodes

Now it is time to start producing episodes of your new podcast!  Good luck and have fun!