Our list of the best Wix restaurant templates

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Do you own a restaurant and you’re looking to get an online presence?  Perhaps you were hired by a restaurant to create a website.  Maybe you are a restaurant manager.  Or perhaps even you have a bakery or a food truck.

In all of these scenarios, you may be looking at creating a new website.  And you may be thinking about using Wix to create this new website.  Wix is a user-friendly way to create a new website.  Its drag-and-drop functionality means anyone can create a brand new website.  You won’t need a computer science degree or any experience or knowledge of coding.  Your website can look very professional.

Especially if you don’t create your Wix website from scratch and instead use a Wix template.  By using a template, you can just plug your information in and be ready to go.

So if you are creating a brand new Wix website for a restaurant business, we suggest you use a template specifically for restaurants.  It makes starting your new website so much easier.

So with that in mind, we came up with our list of the best restaurant Wix templates.

Best Restaurant Wix Templates

  1. Restaurant Fine Dining Bar WIX Theme – Restaurant Theme – High End Restaurant Website Template/ Food Blogger
  2. Complete Wix Website Restaurant Template, Modern Restaurant Website, Fully working 5 Pages Website, Bistro Fully Customizable Website
  3. Website Template for Restaurants, Italian Fine Dining Restaurant Website, Bistro Website Template, Food Wix Website, 9 Pages & Online Ordering
  4. Latin Food Restaurant Website Template through Wix.com
  5. Dreamie’s Food Truck – Wix Template, Wix Theme, Wix Website Design, Website Template, Food Truck Web Design, Food Truck Website, Food Truck
  6. Belinda Bakery – Bakery Website, Bakery Template, Wix Template, Wix Website Design, Website Template, Business Template, Baker Template
  7. Delicious Wix Website Template for Restaurants – Make Your Online Presence Mouth-Watering! – Wix Template
  8. Sweedle Bakery – Bakery Website, Bakery Template, Wix Template, Wix Website Design, Website Template, Business Template, Baker Template
  9. Wix Chef and Catering Website Template | Website Template for Food Service | Professional, Simple, and Modern | Customizable Wix Template
  10. Template for Wix Restaurant Website
  11. Wix Website Template for Food Truck, Market Vendor or Mobile Business
  12. Bakeshop Wix Website Template | Website Template for Store Owner | Professional, Simple, and Creative | Customize Wix Blog Template
  13. Wix Website Template for Bakery, Pink and Red Website, Feminine Website Template for Custom Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Website Design Wix
  14. Website Template for Bakery Business, Online Bakery Website, Website for Pastry Shop, Editable Website for Cake & Cupcake Shop, Wix Template
  15. Wix Website Template, Bakery Website, Wix Web Template, Wix Website Design, Online Store, Wix Store Template, Cookies, Baking, Bakery