Best Hygge Clipart Collections & Cozy Illustrations for Graphic Design

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Want to create some graphics that embody hygge? Then you should use some high quality hygge clipart!

Hygge is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable.” (You can find out more about the concept in The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, which is a pretty interesting read.)

Possible uses of hygge clipart include social media posts on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, blog images, advertising or packaging for self-care products, handouts, printables, stationary, scrapbooking and more.

And you can find the ideal hygge clip art for your graphic design projects by looking through this list! We’ve put together a list of the 50 best hygge clipart. You can use these hygge illustrations with your favorite graphic design tool, like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Stencil and more.

Please note that you’ll need to make sure that your preferred graphic design tool can work with the file format of your clipart. For example, if you use Canva, the acceptable file formats for images are JPEG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, WebP, and SVG. For Stencil, you can use JPEG, PNG, WebP and SVG.

Some of the elements you’ll find in these clip art bundles and collections include candles, lanterns, mittens, cookies, hot cocoa with marshmallows, macarons, slippers, scarves, teapots and more.

Best 50 Hygge Clip Art

  1. Breezy and Cozy Hygge Illustration Set
  2. Cozy Winter Hygge – 40 Watercolor Elements
  3. Hygge The Art of Living Illustrations
  4. Hot Chocolate – 16 Clipart Elements
  5. Hygge Scandinavian Doodle Elements
  6. Hygge Cosy Christmas Watercolour Illustrations
  7. Hygge Interior Elements
  8. Let’s Hygge – 158 Cozy Illustrations & 3 Cute Patterns
  9. Hygge Gnomes Watercolour Clipart Bundle
  10. Knitted Wear Clipart – 22 Images
  11. Hygge Magic Cozy Collection of 110+ Clip Art Elements
  12. Winter Hygge Planner Clipart
  13. Cozy at Home Hygge Fashion Clipart
  14. Hygge Nordic Clipart
  15. Scandi Kitchen Collection of 15+ Hygge Files
  16. Hygge Lifestyle Isometric Icons
  17. Cozy Hygge Home – 100+ Hand-drawn Clipart Elements
  18. Hygge Birthday – 15 Cliparts & 8 Digital Papers
  19. Cozy Winter – 35 Clipart Elements
  20. Hygge Home – 44 Illustrations
  21. Cozy Room – 20 Watercolor Clip Art Elements
  22. Fireplace Clipart – 12 Elements
  23. Hygge Winter Collection of Watercolor Graphics and Patterns
  24. Sweet Home Hygge Clip Art – 30 Elements
  25. Hygge Domestic Icon Set
  26. Watercolor Coffee & Tea Clipart Bundle – 50 Elements
  27. Cozy Nooks Watercolor Clip Art
  28. Hygge Christmas Winter Knit Clothes and Holiday
  29. Folk Home Hygge Style Clipart – 41 Illustrations
  30. Hygge Clipart Set of 21 Hand Painted Elements
  31. Snug Life Cozy Clipart Bundle
  32. Scandinavian Winter Cozy Watercolor Clipart Elements
  33. Hygge Premium Clipart & Wreaths
  34. Candles Watercolor Clip Art Bundle
  35. Hygge Cozy Home Decoration – 53 Elements & 2 Patterns
  36. Cozy Hygge Set of 82 Icons Clipart
  37. Hygge Time Autumn and Winter Season – 50+ Elements
  38. Cozy Interiors – 44 Unique Watercolor Illustrations
  39. Hygge Element Set of 25
  40. Cozy Living Room Clip Art Collection
  41. Hygge Cozy Muted Blue & Brown Clipart (35 Pieces)
  42. Cosy Knits Collection of 20 Watercolor Clipart Elements
  43. Hygge Essentials List
  44. Vintage Christmas Nordic Hygge Trees – 15 Elements
  45. Cozy Fireplaces – 39 Watercolor Clipart Elements
  46. Scandinavian Hygge Floral Clipart
  47. Cozy Hygge Home Vector Clipart
  48. Hygge This Christmas Clipart & Patterns
  49. Hot Beverages Watercolor Clipart – 30 Graphics
  50. Hygge Cute Bundle of 8 Elements