Tips to help you run a great Pinterest account that will help your internet presence. How to create great pins and how to drive traffic to your website.

How to start a Pinterest community

How to Start a Pinterest Community

Edited on 4/10/2019: Pinterest Communities are no more! Read on to find out more. What are Pinterest Community Boards? After trying the Pinterest community feature for months, Pinterest has decided to turn all...
best time to pin on Pinterest how to know

The Best Time to Pin on Pinterest

The 2 Best Ways to Know When You Should Be Pinning When is the best time to pin on Pinterest? This question can actually be a very stressful one! You’ve worked so hard on...

How to Use a Color Picker in Canva

I love using Canva for making pins for Pinterest – and I especially love that you can use Canva for free! Overall, I find it to be the simplest and fastest way...