How to grow your mom blog & get more traffic

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I have blogged before about how a mom blog can be profitable, and it certainly can be, but what happens if you start a mommy blog and not enough people are reading your blog?  Don’t worry, because you’re not alone; it can take awhile for a blog to grow a good audience.  But if you want to boost your traffic now and grow your mom blog quickly so people will read your blogs & you’ll earn more money, then here are 10 tips that can help you grow your mom blog:

1) Write more about what people want to read: Now, this isn’t to say you aren’t already writing good content, because I am sure you are.  But perhaps you could write even better content, or more importantly content that could reach larger audiences, by asking yourself these questions.  When you became a mom, what kind of advice did you want to know?  And when new moms ask you for help, what do you they ask you?  These are the kind of questions you should be thinking about when you write blog entries because these are the things people will be looking for online.  People like to read things that can help them, so the more your blog can help people with questions they need answered, the better.  And once they see you have great answers to these questions, they’ll want to keep coming back for more great content.

2) Get your ranking higher in Google: Now, you can write all the great content in the world, but if you’re ranking low in Google people may still not be able to read your content.  But this can change if you rank higher in Google.  Here are some great SEO (search engine optimization) tools you can use to help you rank higher in Google.

3) Do Search Engine Ads: Another way to get your ranking in search engines higher is through ads.  Buying an ad on Google could literally jump you right to the top of the page.  If you want to get started on Google ads, consider using this Google Ads Management Service.  You could also consider doing Bing ads. Not as many people use Bing as Google, but people do use Bing and it’s cheaper than using Google Ads.  I’ve been able to get more traffic and, more importantly, more affiliate sales by doing Bing ads.

4) Start a Pinterest Account: Pinterest is a wonderful social media platform that you can use to advertise your mom blog because so many mothers use Pinterest.  Pinterest is my personal favorite way to promote my blogs; you could watch your blog traffic skyrocket by using this Pinterest marketing guide.

5) Start an Instagram Account: Instagram is a great way to reach a whole new audience who can in turn start reading your blog.  Here are some ideas for Instagram posts and tips for how to increase your followers on Instagram.

6) Start a YouTube Channel: YouTube is another great way to advertise your blog.  You could start making videos where you could basically give the same tips you do in your blog, just in front of the camera (here are some cheap camera options that could help you do just that).

7) Start a Business Facebook Account: Facebook is another great way to reach a new audience.  You can advertise your blog entries on Facebook and you can invite people you are already friends with on Facebook to like your page.  You can also join Facebook groups related to moms to get your name out in front of other mothers who would be interested in your blog.  You can even start your own Facebook group so you can interact more with your readers.  You could also advertise your Facebook page or specific posts with Facebook advertising, which is often a lot cheaper than Google or Bing ads.  A great resource to really help you get started with promoting your blog on Facebook would be Octosuite.

8) Start a Twitter Account: Twitter is another way you can get your content out.  Make sure you use a lot of hashtags that people might look for so that people can find your Tweets and therefore find your posts.  A great way to run your Twitter without it taking over your life is to use a tool like SmarterQueue so that you can schedule a bunch of Tweets at a time in advance.

9) Comment on Other People’s Blogs: Write a response in the comment section of other mom blogs to really get your name and face out there.  Write an on-topic response and then leave your name, email and a link so people could click on your link.  Chances are, if they are reading one mom blog, they may want to read yours.  Just make sure your comment is on-topic and not “spammy” – a.k.a don’t just write “Hey everyone visit my blog” and give a link without even acknowledging the original post.  That could give you a bad name in the Mommy Blogging Community, but giving nice feedback to other mom bloggers can give you a better reputation – and in turn help you grow your business!

10) Start an E-Mail List: Starting an e-mail list is a great way of getting repeat customers.  Basically, you can start an e-mail list with one of the great email marketing services (like Constant Contact, AWeber & ConverKit) and then when people come across your website, they can sign up to be on your email list.  Then, you can write a newsletter and send it out to anyone who has signed up letting them know about new blog entries.  Companies like Constant Contact, AWeber & ConvertKit make it pretty easy to create a professional looking newsletter even if you have no previous experience doing this.  This is a wonderful way to get repeat business with the right kind of audience, a.k.a an audience who has already decided they want to read what you have to say.  Working up a loyal base of readers can be even better than a high volume of traffic because they may keep buying products you recommend, and that allows you to make more money.  And why wouldn’t you want that?


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