Realtors can increase sale and beat the competition by utilizing social media better. Here are great tips realtors should use for their Social Media Presence.

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Real estate can be a competitive business and if you are a realtor then I am sure you’re always trying to figure out how to get an edge in the realty business so you can increase your sales.  One way you can do that is through social media.

Social media is great for the realty business because it is a wonderful way for you to quickly get information out once a house becomes listed.  But in order for your social media strategies to be successful, people will need to see your posts.

If you are looking to up your social media game, then check out our tips:

  1. Instagram Tips: Instagram is a great social media platform for realtors because seeing great pictures of homes can really make people fall in love with the properties you are selling.  To expand your reach on Instagram, try using these tips for getting more Instagram followers. And if you’d like help with editing your photos of interiors & exteriors, check out these 30 best Lightroom presets for real estate photography.
  2. YouTube Tips: In a similar fashion, YouTube is great for realtors, and perhaps even better since a video is a great way for people to get a good feel for a home.  If you need a better camera, check out these affordable cameras and also consider using this video editing software so that you can easily edit and make great videos of your properties.
  3. Facebook Tips: Try to get your Facebook posts shared more so that more people will see your content.  To do that, check out our tips on how to get your Facebook posts more shares.
  4. Foursquare Tips: Get your name featured better in Foursquare (as well as searches on online directories like Google, Yelp, Opendi, Waze, Yelp and Facebook) with List Local.
  5. Pinterest Tips: One social media platform I think people neglect too much is Pinterest.  Pinterest is a wonderful way to get word out about your business – Pinterest has been one of the most successful social platforms for me for not only getting a lot more traffic to my website, but converting a lot more sales.  Here is a great guide for Pinterest marketing.
  6. Social Media General Tips: And finally, if you want more in-depth tips, then take this social media course, designed specially for the real estate industry.  It gives you help with social networking essentials, Twitter tips, etc.

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Realtor Marketing Ideas - Looking for creative ways to stand out on social media? Check out these must see tips for those involved in the real estate business. Up your social media game on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest & Foursquare.