best lightroom presets for real estate photography

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Do you deal with real estate photography? Maybe you’re a real estate agent, run a real estate blog, are trying to sell your house, or are a professional real estate photographer. No matter the case, you’ll want your interior and exterior photos to look amazing.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to improve your images with just one click!

Lightroom presets work like Instagram filters – you can instantly add a certain look or bring out different aspects of your photos. This is a great option if your pictures are looking, for example, a little dull or dark. It’s also a way to enhance images that already look great!

To use Lightroom presets, you’ll need either Lightroom mobile (which is free!) or Lightroom for desktop (which does require an Adobe subscription). If you scroll down, you can watch a couple of video tutorials showing how to install presets depending on if you’re using the mobile or desktop version.

With our list of the 30 best real estate Lightroom presets, you can find presets that work for all sorts of real estate images, from general photos to exterior shots to luxury listings to aerial images and more. Take a look and find the ones that work best for your images. Make sure to check if it’s for mobile and desktop before downloading.

Top 30 Best Lightroom Real Estate Presets

  1. Pro Real Estate Lightroom Presets – Give your real estate photography a modern, professional look by using one of the presets included in this pack of 50 desktop Lightroom presets for interior and exterior shots.
  2. Real Estate Fine Details – Bring out the details of your real estate interior photos with these 5 mobile presets. You can increase the brightness, sharpness, HDR and color tones of your images.
  3. Interior Design Lightroom Presets – This pack of 30 Lightroom presets brings out light and tone in your interior images.
  4. Real Estate Exterior Green Mobile & Desktop Presets – If you have exterior shots with lots of green, you’ll love these Lightroom presets. They bring out the greens in your photos while brightening and sharpening your images.
  5. Minimal Interior Lightroom Presets – Create a white, clean, modern look with these 20 Lightroom presets for mobile and for desktop.
  6. Real Estate Mobile & Desktop Presets – Use any of the mobile or desktop presets in this pack of 21 to make your real estate photos look bright and stunning.
  7. White Interior Lightroom Preset – This Lightroom preset (which comes with both a mobile and desktop version) is ideal for interior shots with lots of white.
  8. Haute Lux Studio Real Estate Mobile Lightroom Presets – These 12 mobile presets are designed to improve your real estate listing photos by making colors pop, adding a minimal tone and reducing indoor lighting hues.
  9. Farmhouse Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Preset – This is a warm Lightroom preset that brings out beige and brown tones in your farmhouse photography.
  10. Real Estate Interior Wood Presets – Do you have interior shots that include lots of wooden elements? This pack of 20 Lightroom mobile & desktop presets will emphasize the color of the wood while brightening and sharpening the images.
  11. Bright Home Lightroom Presets – Try one of these mobile presets (Real Estate HDR, Real Estate High Key, Real Estate HDR Bright & Real Estate HDR Bright & Soft) included in this pack for bright real estate images.
  12. Interior Real Estate Color Correct Lightroom Presets – Increase the luminance of all of your colors for brighter, more vibrant interior images with these 25 mobile and desktop presets.
  13. Real Estate Exterior Mobile Preset – Use this mobile only Lightroom preset for beautiful photos for real estate listings, social media posts and blogs.
  14. Home Interior Lightroom Presets – This pack includes 16 presets for mobile & desktop, all designed for real estate photographers who want to save time editing images of different interiors.
  15. Real Estate Exterior HDR With Style – Add a stylish art HDR look to your exterior shots with one of the 5 Lightroom desktop presets included in this pack.
  16. Insta Home Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – With these presets, you can make your real estate social media accounts stand out. The 10 presets for mobile & desktop will make your images vibrant and bright.
  17. Interior Real Estate Presets – This high quality preset pack includes 45 mobile and desktop presets created for real estate agents and photographers.
  18. White Interiors Lifestyle Lightroom Presets – These Lightroom presets work well with real estate, home decoration and interior design photos. The pack includes Interiors Lifestyle White, Interiors Lifestyle Warm White, Interiors Lifestyle Cool White & Interiors Lifestyle Extra White.
  19. Real Estate Interior & Exterior Presets – Your real estate and interior design photos will look beautifully bright, light and vibrant with this pack of 15 Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop.
  20. Real Estate Luxury Interior Lightroom Mobile Preset – This preset for mobile is best suited for luxury interior photos. It’s a great way to make your luxury real estate images pop (and also works well for travel bloggers who visit luxury hotels).
  21. Interior Collection Lightroom Presets – Your commercial real estate interior photos will look beautiful and professional with these 40 desktop presets.
  22. Real Estate Aerial Photography Lightroom Presets – Aerial footage will look even sharper, brighter and more stunning with this pack of 30 desktop and mobile presets.
  23. Soft White Lightroom Presets – Photos of bedrooms and other interior shots will have a soft, dreamy, natural white feel with these 3 Lightroom presets.
  24. Airy Interior Mobile Lightroom Presets – Do you have some dull, grey, flat interior shots you’d like to enhance and improve? Use these 7 presets for mobile to create a spacious, clean, bright, white look.
  25. Real Estate Interior Retro Lightroom Presets – Create sharp, bright and detailed photos of interiors of homes with these 5 desktop and mobile Lightroom presets.
  26. Coconut Lightroom Preset Bundle – Bedroom photos will look bold, creamy and beautiful with the 3 desktop presets included in this bundle.
  27. Interior Photography Lightroom Presets – This pack includes 40 Lightroom presets for interior photos, as well as 10 Lightroom brushes and 10 mobile presets.
  28. Real Estate Warm Interior Mobile Lightroom Preset – With these 3 mobile presets, you can easily improve photos for your real estate listings, Instagram feed and/or real estate blog.
  29. Interior Bright and Clean Presets – Add contrast, lighten shadows and reduce warmth to create a bright, clean look with these 4 desktop presets.
  30. Luxury Interior Design Presets – Bring out the best in your luxury real estate photos with this pack of 40 Lightroom presets, including Clear & Bright, Manhattan, Modern Film and more.

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