How you can make money as a beauty blogger. Tips on how to make money with ads & affiliate links.

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So you want to be a beauty blogger?  I am very excited for you! The opportunities for beauty bloggers are endless.  There are lot of directions you can go as a beauty blogger. You can write about specific beauty products, you could give tips on applying makeup, you could focus on something specific (such as nails, eyes, lips, etc.), you could give money saving tips, you could focus on makeup for specific skin types or ages, etc…or you could just talk about beauty in general!  And you can do all this and make money!

So how exactly do you make money as a beauty blogger?  Well, first of all, you will need a website. I recommend making your blog a WordPress blog – your blog will look incredibly professional without you having to worry about learning any coding!  Just read our Non-Technical Guide to Getting Started on WordPress.  This will help you learn more about getting a domain name, picking a host, etc.

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to pick out a theme for your beauty blog, which is basically how your website will look.  Here are some great themes for beauty bloggers:

1. GlamChic | Beauty Blog & Online Magazine WordPress Theme

2. Cosmetista – Beauty & Makeup Theme

3. Blush – A Trendy Beauty and Lifestyle Theme

You can then advertise your blog to get steady readers.  Here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. You could make videos and put them on YouTube and Instagram.  Videos are really important for a beauty blogger because people will really want to see what you’re talking about.  There are some affordable cameras you can get here, and here’s a great deal on video editing software.
  2. You could set up a Pinterest Account.  I’ve found this to be one of the best ways to get more customers.  You can learn more about marketing your blogs through Pinterest here.
  3. You could run Google or Bing ads to get more visitors to your blog.  You can find a coupon for $100 of free Bing advertising here.

So you’re probably still wondering, well, how do I make money?  Here are a few ways:

1. You can get affiliates and make money this way.  Basically, you could include links in the words in your blogs (like, if one of your affiliates is a makeup brand you could mention the name of the brand when reviewing it and make that word a link) or you could run banner ads on your website that would link to your affiliates (that would be beauty related companies) and then if someone who clicked on the link or ad and made a purchase, you would make a percentage of the sale.  I go into more detail about affiliate marketing here.

2. You can run ads on your website.  You can run Google ads on your website or your YouTube channel.  You would make money when people click on the ads.  I go into more detail here.

3. You post (paid) sponsored blog posts on your blog.  I get into more detail here.

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