What's the best Pinteret Scheduler: Tailwind or SmarterQueue?

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Looking for the best Pinterest scheduling tool?

Two excellent options for anyone with a business Pinterest account are SmarterQueue and Tailwind.

Both schedulers allow bloggers and small business owners to schedule to Pinterest (and other social media platforms), which both saves time and allows for consistency on Pinterest – making it easier to drive traffic back to your blog or business!

(And what does consistency on Pinterest mean, anyway? Well, Pinterest has said that business accounts should spread out their new pins over time instead of just uploading a bunch all at once. This way, you can make sure your content is constantly being shown to new audiences.)

Since SmarterQueue and Tailwind are Pinterest-approved scheduling tools with a lot of great features, how do you choose which is best for you?

Let’s take a look at the advantages of SmarterQueue and Tailwind.

Advantages of SmarterQueue:

  1. You can schedule Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest all from the same place. (Please note that the cheapest plan only includes 4 social profiles, but being able to schedule to just four of those platforms is still very convenient.) You can view all scheduled posts on your schedule (as in the following screenshot), or you can filter by social media platform.
    SmarterQueue posts Pinterest Twitter FacebookTailwind is really only set up to focus on Pinterest and Instagram (though there are some Facebook and Twitter options). Unfortunately, though, if you want to use Tailwind for both Pinterest and Instagram, you have to pay for two separate accounts.

  2. You can take something you have scheduled and easily duplicate the pin.  This is great if you already have a pin scheduled and realize you want to add it to additional boards.  In Tailwind, there is no simple way to do this if the pin is only scheduled (and has yet to be posted to Pinterest).

  3. It is faster than Tailwind. SmarterQueue doesn’t seem to hang, even when you’re uploading an image. This not only saves time but is less frustrating!

  4. The customer service is better.  For example, after the first couple of weeks of my free trial, SmarterQueue sent out an email asking if there were any features I felt were missing.  I answered and they responded back right away. I appreciated this, since Tailwind doesn’t always get back to you very quickly. (When they do get back to you, the customer service is usually very nice, which I definitely appreciate – it’s just that the initial response time is sometimes slow.)

Advantages of Tailwind:

  1. You can schedule your pin out to many boards at once, which saves you a lot of time. You can set an interval so that your pin will go out to, say, one board a day, or one board every two days, etc. You can even set up a board list, which is a list of related boards you pick so that you can quickly schedule a pin to all the boards on the board list. (For example, if you have a lot of pins about bloggers using Facebook, you might set up a board list with your own boards for Facebook, Social Media, Blogging Tips, and any group boards you have with those subjects, too.) Even without using board lists, it’s still pretty easy to add all the boards you want your pin to go to.  Here, you can see that 3 boards have been added and a 4th is being added:tailwind scheduling boards for PinterestUnfortunately, with SmarterQueue, you have to schedule each pin individually. You can use the duplicate/requeue features so that you only have to add the image and pin description once, but you still have to keep doing this over and over if you want to schedule your pin to a number of Pinterest boards.

  2. Tailwind has a browser extension that allows you to schedule a pin straight from a blog post and it will pull in the pin’s description.  If you do that with SmarterQueue’s browser extension, you won’t get the description.

  3. Tailwind has Tribes, which helps you get you get your pins more views and saves. Tribes are sort of like group boards – the rules for each Tribe varies, but usually you have to schedule someone else’s pin for every one of your own pins that you add to the Tribe. Unlike group boards, however, Tribes are completely done on Tailwind’s platform. Also, unlike group boards, the owner of the Tribe can see if you’re scheduling other people’s pins as frequently as you’re adding your own – in other words, it’s easier to enforce the rules on Tribes, which means that more content is getting shared.

  4. Tailwind is cheaper. If you opt for the smallest, cheapest plans for both Tailwind and SmarterQueue and pay per month, you’ll be paying $15 a month for Tailwind and $19.99 for SmarterQueue.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of some of the great features SmarterQueue and Tailwind have to offer.

If you’d like to try out one of these scheduling tools, I definitely recommend using the links below so that you can try them out for free!