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How to pick the best Joomla excel spreadsheet extension

Why Droptables is the Best Joomla Excel Spreadsheet Plugin

If you want to import excel spreadsheets into your Joomla website and are looking for a spreadsheet plugin, then your best is, without questions, Droptables by JoomUnited is your best option. You...
Why ecommerce sites should offer coupons & promo codes & how you can easily do it

The Benefits of Coupons for Businesses

Should You Offer Coupons? If you run a eCommerce store or online business, then you're probably always trying to think of new ways to increase your profits.  One thing you may have...
How to easily build a real estate website with tons of features without any coding

The Best Website Builder for Real Estate Websites

If you want to easily build an incredibly professional looking real estate website without any coding, then I have a great website builder for you! You can use SP Page Builder Pro...
Looking for a Magento alternative? We go over the 10 best options

Top 10 Magento Alternatives

Top 10 Magento Alternatives As you may have found out already, Magento will no longer be supporting Magento 1 software starting June 2020.  When it was announced in 2017, that seemed so...
Make money online with a movie review website which you can create without any coding experience

How to Create a Movie Review Website

Have you ever thought about creating a movie review website like RottenTomatoes or IMDB?  If you love movies, then this could be a lot of fun! It could always be a...
Discount promotional code for Cloudways hosting services

Cloudways Discount Code

Cloudways Hosting Provider Cloudways is a wonderful hosting provider.  I have previously written about how great it is for Drupal websites. It has also made our top lists of hosts for various content...
Reasons why you should use Linky Maps for Google Maps on a Joomla CMS website

The Best Joomla Google Map Module

What is the Best Joomla Google Map Module Are you looking for the best Joomla Google Map Module out there for your Joomla website?  Then you have come to the right place. ...
How to choose between Hosting & SiteGround for your website hosting provider

Hostinger vs Siteground: A Side by Side Hosting Comparison

If you are looking for a host for your website, then you've come to the right place, because today I'm going to compare two of the biggest names in web hosting:...
The one Joomla extension every Joomla web designer needs to add to their website

What is the Best Joomla SEO Extension?

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is important to anyone who runs a blog or website.  SEO is optimizing your website so that does it ranks high in search engines...