Best justice, law, lawyer templates for Joomla websites

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Are you a lawyer looking to start a website?  Perhaps you were hired by a law firm.  Maybe you are a freelance lawyer looking for work and you want to use to your website to find these jobs.  Or maybe you want to start a blog giving law advice.

Whatever the reason, you may be considering starting your website with Joomla.  Joomla is a wonderful way to design a website.  Using Joomla is free, too, so it is an affordable way to create a website.  You can make your website even more affordable, by the way, by choosing one of these cheap Joomla hosting providers.

If you want to make your job creating your website a bit easier, though, you should consider purchasing a Joomla theme.  It is one-time fee and it makes getting started so much easier.  You can choose a Joomla law theme and then your website is already set up to fit your website’s content and look professional.  All you have to do once you have the theme is edit your information into the website.

So we came up with our list of the best Joomla lawyer templates.  We hope you find the perfect Joomla law theme for your new website or blog on this list.

Best Joomla Law Templates

  1. Themis – Complete Law Firm Template for Lawyers and Attorneys
  2. Barristar – Law, Lawyer and Attorney Joomla 4 Template
  3. AT Lawyer – Law Firm Template
  4. LawStudio – Lawyer and Law Firm Joomla Template
  5. Justice – Law Firm Joomla 4 Template
  6. Johnfirm – Lawyer & Lawfirm Joomla Template
  7. Jeqsah – Law Lawyer & Attorney Joomla Templates
  8. Ainjibi – Attorney and Lawyer Joomla Template
  9. Justice – Attorney and Law Firm Joomla Template
  10. Masterlaw – Attorney Law Business Joomla Template With Page Builder
  11. Law Firm Responsive Joomla Template
  12. IT Lawyer – Gantry 5, Law Firm Joomla Template
  13. Consulta – Consultation & Lawyer Joomla Template
  14. Legalor – Lawyer Multipage Clean Joomla Theme Joomla Template
  15. Hot Justice
  16. Suits – Responsive Attorneys and Law Firms Joomla Template
  17. Justice – Law Company Template
  18. Law Swift – Lawyer & Notary Joomla Template
  19. Baratheon – Law Firm Joomla Template
  20. Associates Lawyer & Attorney One Page Joomla Theme
  21. SJ Justice – Business Law Firm Theme
  22. Measure – Lawfirm & Lawyer Joomla Template
  23. LT Law Joomla Law Firm template
  24. Legalux – GDPR Agency Joomla Template
  25. Consuler – Consulting Finance Business Joomla Template
  26. Fortune – Business Consulting and Professional Services Joomla Theme
  27. Hepta – Multipurpose Business Joomla Template
  28. ELVO – Business Multipurpose Joomla Template
  29. Universal – Responsive Consulting Business Joomla Template
  30. Solutions – Business Consulting Joomla Template
  31. Statistic – Business Consulting and Professional Services Joomla Theme
  32. Positive – Startup Business Joomla Template
  33. Lumire – Multi-Purpose Business Joomla Template
  34. Consultive – Business Consulting and Professional Services Joomla Template
  35. ET Law – Law Firm Template

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Top 35 Lawyer Templates for Joomla