Reasons why you should use Linky Maps for Google Maps on a Joomla CMS website

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What is the Best Joomla Google Map Module

Are you looking for the best Joomla Google Map Module out there for your Joomla website?  Then you have come to the right place.  Because we’re about to tell you about Linky Map!

Linky Map

Linky Map is a creation of Joom United, who we are big fans of.  You can get Linky Map by clicking here.

So why is Linky Map so great?  Well, for starters, it is the most advanced Joomla vector map generator.  It uses data from Google Geochart to generate vector maps.   And these vector maps aren’t just static images.  It’s real HTML content, which means you can:

  • Add tooltip on location with titles
  • Add tooltip with HTML description
  • Display information about the location in an AJAX popup
  • Add custom links on regions & markers
  • Add a sidebar with descriptions of each region and marker

Linky Map gives you the ability to create hundreds of custom vector maps.  All the world, counties, regions are even included.  This gives you so much creative freedom!

Here are some of the customizations of the map you can do with Linky Map:

  • Load a region by default
  • Change the background color of the map
  • Change the map borders color & size
  • Or you can change the region mouse hover color!

LinkyMap comes with a custom marker feature.  And the custom markers you add can be for any place on a map.  You could make it a city or as specific as a postal address.  This can be such a great feature depending on what you want your website to say.

Customizing the map is fairly simple, too.  It can be done on a single view.  The design is responsive, too.  The Linky Map extension comes with a module to give you more flexibility.  And Linky Map has other great feature that make it easy to work with:

  • Map preview in admin during the map creation
  • Locations and regions suggestion by Google when typing
  • Load any map in any text editor using a dedicated insert button


If you would like your Joomla website, then Linky Map is your best choice.  All of its features make it easy for you to customize.