How to pick the best Joomla excel spreadsheet extension

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If you want to import excel spreadsheets into your Joomla website and are looking for a spreadsheet plugin, then your best is, without questions, Droptables by JoomUnited is your best option.

You will be able to easily import & export your Excel spreadsheets with Droptables – and you’ll be able to preserve your table style, too, with the styles compatible for importing & exporting being font size, font color, background color, links (HTML format), and borders (or you can just choose Raw Data if you don’t want to preserve your styles).  Just remember to choose the format before you import the data.  And here’s a great thing you can do regarding uploading your Excel file – if you upload an Excel file in your media manager (or anywhere else on your server) and link the file to a table on Droptables, you can even make an automatic synchronization of the data!

From there, you’ll be able to easily display your Excel content on your Joomla website in a completely responsive manner.  Droptables comes with two mobile modes with column display priorities.

Droptables also comes with Chart.js integration, so you can generate charts from your table data and add it anywhere within your content!  And whenever you edit your table data, the graphs are automatically updated, which makes it a convenient time saver!  Additionally, you are able to create unlimited charts from a single table and use display options like colors and sizes.

Another cool feature that comes with Droptables is the tooltip on cell feature where you can easily add content and style to a table.  You just add the tooltip on each cell and then click on the tooltip button and add content using the Joomla editor, including images and media.  Editing your data is just super easy with Droptables.  You don’t need any HTML or CSS knowledge to use Droptables.

And if you are creating your website that someone else will use (like another employee or a client you are designing the website for) Droptables has a great frontend template which will make it easy for them to edit without them having to have Joomla training or anything.

You can also use the data you uploaded from Excel to easily create Joomla tables from a selection of the database data.

And if you have a lot of data – don’t worry! There’s no limitation whatsoever on the tables, lines, categories & rows you create, and Droptables has been optimized to handle large tables with lots of rows & lines while avoiding timeouts.  It is light and compatible as it uses Joomla framework.  And if you need some of that data gone, you can easily add, remove or resize lines & rows using a convenient right click menu.  You can also freeze up to 5 lines and or/columns.

And you’ll be able to easily organize your tables by categories, which is important when you have a lot of information.  A custom filtering tool is also available with Droptables.  And you can also click on a column title and you’ll be able to order your table content in AJAX.

Want to do calculations in your Droptables?  Droptables can do certain calculations, like sum, averages, etc.

Another super convenient feature of Droptables is that it automatically saves, so you don’t have to constantly obsess over saving your work.  But don’t worry; you can easily undo a modification with just a right click.

Droptables is also compatible with a number of third party integrations, like all Joomla text editors, Joomla tables in module, FlexiContent, Joomla CCK, K2 Joomlaworks, Tables theme and more.  It is also multilingual ready.

And in addition to allowing you to import your Excel spreadsheets, you can also use Droptables to make a lot of great tables, like a pricing table, a price grid, weekly planning, feature comparison chart, etc.

There are other extensions out there use can use for Excel Spreadsheets, but they aren’t nearly as good or as powerful as Droptables.  Take Shack Spreadsheets, for example.  This might be a good solution if you just want a basic table, but you can’t do any kind of formatting or use any complex features like you can with Droptables.  Additionally, Droptable has a better user experience on mobile phones and is not a great option if you are designing a website for a client where the client will go into the website and make changes because Shack Spreadsheets are not very end user friendly.

And it definitely makes since to buy the more complex Droptables, because it is not even particularly expensive; the lowest option starts at just $34.  So if you have a Joomla website and you want to import an Excel spreadsheet, then hands down your best choice for a plugin for that would be Droptables.