Best social media planners to help small business owners & virtual assistants planning Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

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Why You Need a Social Media Planner

Have you ever wondered how to create a social media strategy plan?

Having a specific plan in place is a great way to be deliberate with your social media marketing. You can feel confident that you’re building your brand, business or blog through your efforts, instead of just wasting time.

And speaking of time, planning ahead is the best way to be more efficient with your digital marketing efforts.

Luckily, you don’t have to design a social media plan from scratch.

Using a social media planner, or a social media planning calendar, is an easy way to make sure you have a successful plan in place.

There are a number of options out there, in many different forms. You might prefer a physical planner you can actually write in, something printable that you can edit to fit your needs, or a purely digital planner you can access from your phone or computer.

In this list of the 40 best social media planners, you’ll see all three forms of planners. Some have special features, too, like focusing on specific social media platforms. Look through these planning tools and find the option that works best for you and your business.

40 Best Social Media Planners

  1. Printable Social Media Planner (includes various sections for Instagram & Pinterest Planning & Tracking)
  2. Spiral Bound Social Media Content Planner
  3. Digital Social Media Planner for GoodNotes 5 (includes Digital Sticker Book)
  4. Physical Printed Social Media Content Planner for 2021 (includes Brainstorming Prompts)
  5. 2021 Social Media Planner for Bloggers & Influencers in Digital Form
  6. The Girl Boss Social Media Organizer: Weekly Social Media Post Planner & Content Calendar
  7. 365 Days of 2021 Social Media Post Planner & Calendar
  8. Weekly Social Media Content Schedule in Excel Spreadsheet Form
  9. Social Media Printable Planner for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest & Blogging
  10. #makechichappen: Your 52 Week Social Media Game Plan
  11. The Ultimate Social Media Content Creation Guide with 1500+ Ideas
  12. Social Media Planner Printable in US Letter & Classic Happy Planner Sizes
  13. Google Sheets 2021 Social Media Editorial Calendar for Entrepreneurs
  14. Engaging Content Social Media Business Planner for 125 Days
  15. Social Media Post Planner: Social Media Organizer, Marketing Workbook, Plan Your Digital Business Content And Strategy, Social Media Posting Schedule & Content Planner 2021
  16. Airtable & Google Sheets Content Calendar Templates for Social Media Managers & Virtual Assistants
  17. Rocket’s Social Media Calendar of Events 2021 (More than 2770 Entries of Social Media Gold)
  18. Social Media Online Marketing Planner
  19. 45 Printable Social Media Planner Pages
  20. Social Media Planner: Pink Marble Social Media Posting Schedule & Content Planner / Organizer
  21. The Social Media Planner Kit by Grow Your Influence
  22. Happy Planner Classic Get Social Insert Paper Tracker for Social Media for Business
  23. Social Media Planner 2021: A perfect planner for Influencers, Marketing & Communication
  24. Digital Social Media Content Planning Kit for 2021 with Templates
  25. 2021 Social Media Planner and Guide: Consistently Better Content
  26. Influencer Social Media Planner Printable Bundle for Help with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat & More
  27. Social Media Printable Monthly Planner (PDF with Editable Text)
  28. Weekly & Daily Social Media Workbook: Social Media Content Planner, Weekly Post Schedule, Influencers Professional Journal
  29. Marketing Planner Bundle (includes Social Media Marketing Planner & Instagram Marketing Planner)
  30. Social Media Organizer: 52 Weeks Social Media Post Planner, Goals & Content Calendar
  31. Digital Social Media PDF Planner for Goodnotes, Notability, Any PDF Annotation Apps
  32. Social Media Content Planner: Weekly Social Media Content Planner Including Keep All Accounts, Target Audience, Quarterly Goals, Creativity Space, To do list, Notes & Ideas
  33. Editable Social Media Planner with Trackers for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  34. 24 Week Social Media Planner
  35. Social Media Content Calendar for 2021 with 365 Post Ideas
  36. Google Docs Weekly Hourly Planner for Social Media
  37. My Social Media Content Planner: Annual: January – December 2021
  38. Social Media Content Calendar for Small Business & Etsy Shop Owners
  39. March 2021 Social Media Plan with Daily Social Planner, Ideas, Templates & Checklists
  40. Social Media Planner: Social Media Content / Marketing for Productivity

Other Planners for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Are you wanting to get organized but need something other than a social media planner? Check out these great options for bloggers, business owners & influencers.