Step by step guide for starting a Youtube channel for product reviews

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Would you like to earn money from home, but not sure how?  What if you started your own product review YouTube Channel?

This would be a great way to earn money all from the home.  And you would get to be your own boss.  You would get to make all the creative decisions and make your own hours.  It really would be a dream job, right?

No matter what your background is, I am sure you have strong opinions you would love to discuss about products.

Making Money with a Product Review Channel

But you may be unsure that you could make money with a product review channel.  But luckily, you can.

You can do affiliate marketing and make sales that way.  We go over how to get started with affiliate marketing here.

You could also make money with ads on your YouTube Channel.  And you can get companies to sponsor your YouTube channel.

But of course, all this comes with you running a successful YouTube Channel.  So we’ll tell you the steps to get started doing that so you can start earning money!

Figure Out Your Brand Name & Point of View

So, before you get started, you need to figure out your point of view.  Is this just a general product review YouTube channel?  Or is it more specific?  You are obviously open to do whatever you want.

But sometimes a more specific approach can get you more noticed because you’ll be more unique.  And chances are, there are specific products that you like more than others.  This could include electronics, make-up, beauty products, clothes, cooking equipment, etc.

You also could take a point of view specific to who are you.  Like, let’s say you are a mom of a baby or toddler.  You could focus on products for babies or toddlers.  Or let’s say you live in a small apartment.  You could focus on space-saving products.  You could focus on beauty products for your specific race.  As you can see, there are a lot of different directions you can take this.

Once you know your focus, you can go out and pick your brand name.  Make sure it makes sense based on what you are doing.  That way, when people see your videos as suggested videos on YouTube, they’ll be able to accurately tell that they’ll want to watch your videos.

Set Up Your Business

Since you’re going to be making money, you want to be protected legally.  That is why we recommend you start an LLC for your new business.  We go over the advantages of doing that here.  You’ll also need to register your business, so check out your local laws regarding that.

Start Your Channel & Make Videos

So now it’s time to set up your channel.  But there’s no point in having a channel if you don’t have videos, right?  So you need to start shooting your videos!  If you want to upgrade your cameras, then check out this list of affordable cameras.  If you want to spruce up the background of your videos (or you don’t want your home on your videos), then check out the list of green screens.

Once you have filmed videos, you might want to edit your videos in case you made any mistakes or want to change anything.  Click here to get affordable editing software that is easy to use for beginners.

Start a Website

It’s not enough to just have a YouTube channel.  You should also make a website for your business.  You can easily make a product review website, too; we go over how to do that here.

By having a website, you have something else other than just your channel that can show up high in Google and other search engines.  And you can also put affiliate links on your website to make money.

Advertise Online

You can help get traffic to your website and YouTube channel by advertising online.  You can do Google ads, but I have actually found Bing ads to be more useful.  Not as many people use the Bing search engine.  But a lot of people do and ads with Bing are cheaper. So I’ve made a lot more money by using Bing ads.

Especially because there is a great deal going with Bing ads.  If you click here, you can get $100 in advertising for free!  You just have to spend $25 first.

Get Social Media Accounts

In addition to getting a website for your business, I think you should also get other social media accounts.  This includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


If you want to work from home, make money, and control your hours, starting a product review website is a great idea.  Just follow these steps so you can be successful!