How to create a product review website with BlueHost & WordPress

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If you have a lot of opinions on products & like sharing your advice with others, then a product review website would be a great option for you.  Product review websites are a popular way for people to get information about a product; in fact, I just bought an InstantPot for my mother for Mother’s Day and I based this decision on product review blogs.  So there’s definitely an audience out there, and you’ll be able to earn money, too; a lot of the products you might review are available on websites like Amazon, Target, Best Buy or Costway, and they all have great affiliate programs.  You can read more about affiliate marketing here and you can read more about other ways to monetize your blog here.

Step #1: Figure out your niche

Now you can absolutely just have a general product reviews where you review a wide variety of products.  But you may want to make it more specific to specific products.  The advantages of doing this is that:

  • You probably have interests in more specific things than just products (such as books or computers or make-up) so you might just enjoy focusing on what you love – and the more you enjoy, the more time you’ll probably devote to it, and therefore the better it will be
  • You possibly have expertise in specific fields that would make your opinion even better in a review and make the reviews easier to write (like if you’ve cooked for a long time reviewing cooking products might make sense, or if you are the mom of a baby reviewing baby products might make sense for you).

So figure out in the beginning if you want to just make it about a broad amount of products or a specific field

Step #2: Figure out your name

This is an important step because your name should probably also be your domain name, and having a good domain name that directly relates to your product or field can help you in Google and other search engines.  You can check here to see if a domain name you want is available.  And if you’re stumped on names, you could also do a little keyword research to find what words people are searching.  This is great because if people are searching for products using a phrase similar to your website name, then your website is more likely to come up high in Google.  You can use a site like Keysearch Starter to help you with this.

Step #3: Pick your web host.

If you’re going to have a website, you need to have a domain and a web host.  A great web host to choose when you are just starting out is Bluehost.  Their costs are incredibly low (especially for Website Tips & Tutorials readers when they click on our link) but at the same time they provide a good fast website with good customer support.  Basically, there is a very good reason that Bluehost is so trusted in the web hosting community, and that is because they are a good web host!  Bluehost comes with a free domain name, too, so you won’t have to worry about buying them separately.

Step #4: Pick how you are going to build your website.

There are a lot of different ways you can build your website.  Some hosts come with pre-made website builder.  But for this specific kind of website, I think you should go with WordPress.  The majority of websites on the internet are built by WordPress, and for good reason.  WordPress is a great way to make a complex website like a product review website but in an easy way where you don’t have to have any coding experience or experience creating websites.  And you can watch this video on how to install WordPress on a Bluehost website:

Step #5: Pick a WordPress theme

Now, the way that you’re going to get a really attractive, highly functional product review website is with a great WordPress theme.  A theme is, in a nutshell, how your website is displayed.

Here are a few that are made just for review websites.  Choosing this will help you create your website and get it up and running much, much quicker:

Once you purchase the theme you like, you can install it on your Bluehost website.  Here’s a video showing you how to install a WordPress theme on a Bluehost website:

Step #6: Get WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are great ways to add extra functionality to your website.  If you are doing a product review website, then a wonderful plugin to buy would be WP Product Review.  This is a really great plugin because it will allow you to do all kinds of wonderful things:

  • You can automatically create comparison tables so you can compare similar products – this is great because, when I mentioned I bought an InstantPot for my mother, I was also considering the Ninja Instant Cooker so I was also looking for comparisons between the two products).
  • You won’t have to set up each product review individually – you can import options from other reviews you’ve already done
  • It comes with a great sidebar widget that feature the latest & top product reviews – this is a great way to keep people on your website, which Google links (and will help you rank higher in Google)
  • You can customize the review table to make it match a design you like and colors you like
  • If you are an Amazon Partner reviewing an Amazon product, you can import Amazon product info (like the link, name, image) which will save you a lot of time
  • And more!

Step #7: Get the word out!

You have created our website, you can get the word out in a lot of ways:

So now that’s you’ve learned 7 simple steps to making a product review website, go ahead and get started so that you can start making money with a great website that allows you to give your opinions on things that matter to you!


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If you have a lot of opinions on products & like sharing your advice with others then a product review website would be a great option for you. There's a great audience for it & you can make a lot of money. We give you a 7-step how-to guide for starting your own product review site