Tips, advice for how to start a Fitness YouTube Channel & make money from it

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You’re passionate about health and fitness.  And you’d love to earn money from home.  So how about starting a fitness YouTube channel?

There’s a lot of money to be made in a fitness YouTube channel.  After all, people are always looking to get in shape or stay fit.  And you can help people in that way.

And this is something you can do from home.  It can be a great side hustle or a main source of income.

And you don’t need any experience to start this!  Just follow our steps to creating a successful YouTube Fitness Channel.

Decide Your Focus/Unique Selling Point

The first thing you need to decide is the focus of your fitness channel.  Obviously, fitness is a broad term.  But think of what kind of things you want to cover on your YouTube Channel.  Do you want to focus on specific subgenres like yoga, pilates, kickboxing, barre, etc.?  Do you want to focus on aerobic fitness?  Muscle strengthening?  Flexibility?  There are a lot of different ways you can go with it.  But before you get started, just start brainstorming what you like and feel comfortable with.  Because you’ll be most successful if you are doing what you do best.

Additionally, start thinking about what your unique selling point is.  Do you have an inspiring story of weight loss?  Are you good at helping women who have given birth get back into shape?  Do you have a unique life story?  Everyone has things that make us special and unique.  Use those to help make your Fitness YouTube Channel stand out!

Decide Your Brand Name

Now that you have thought about what your focus/selling point is, then it’s time to think of a brand name!  Your brand name should reflect your unique point.

Get an LLC

If you are going to make money with this Fitness YouTube Channel, then you need to register as a business and get an LLC.  How you register as a business depends on where you live so you should look that up.  And we go over getting an LLC here.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Now it’s time to create your YouTube Channel!

Create Videos

Getting a YouTube channel set up is obviously a big deal.  But what is a channel without videos?  So now it’s time to start creating videos and putting them on your channel!

You’ll need a camera to tape your videos.  You can find an affordable camera here.  If you want to use your cellphone instead, consider getting a selfie ring light with a cell phone holder.  This will not only hold your cell phone up, but it will also help the lighting of your videos.  And it’s not that expensive, either.

You’ll need to keep updating your channel with videos in order to be successful and to get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  You can shoot a lot more videos and edit them a lot faster with affordable video editing software like this.

Start a Website

In my opinion, it’s not enough to have just a YouTube channel.  You also need a website.  This is where people can find you through search engines like Google.  You can also use your website to get people to sign up to a newsletter or you can sell branded products (a great way to make money with your channel!).  You can also use your website for affiliate links if you want to make money with your channel through affiliate marketing.  We talk more about affiliate marketing here.

Now, you might think starting a website would be really hard if you have no experience.  But that’s actually not the case.  We tell you how to do that here.

Start Other Social Media Accounts

Your YouTube channel shouldn’t be the only social media account you have for your brand.  Having other social media accounts for your brand is a great way to advertise your brand.  It’s also a great way to keep people interested and let them know when you have new videos.  You can do this through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.

Advertise Online

Since you have an online business, it makes sense to focus on advertising your brand online.  You can do ads for your YouTube channel or website that link directly to these websites and get views right away.

The obvious choice to start with is YouTube ads.  After all, if people are already on YouTube, then they want to watch a video, right?

You can do ads through search engines.  Personally, I find Bing ads to be the most profitable.  Especially because they have a great promotion going right now!  Just click here and you can get $100 in free advertising after you spend $25!

Other ways you can advertise online include Facebook ads, Facebook messenger advertising, and Twitter Ads.


You absolutely have it in you to have a successful Fitness YouTube Channel.  By coupling your YouTube channel with a unique selling point, a website, social media accounts & online advertising, you can make enough money to make this your main source of income!