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Christmas Clipart Ideas

If you’re looking for beautiful Christmas clipart, you’ve come to the right place!

Using Christmas clip art is an excellent way to create gorgeous holiday graphics for your blog, website & social media feeds (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest). This makes it a great resource for bloggers and entrepreneurs!

There are also a lot of other ways you can use holiday clipart, such as in designing Christmas cards, printables, art prints, invitations, scrapbooking, planner decorations, gift wrap, t-shirts, stationary and other creative projects.

Use this list of the best Christmas clipart collections so that you can find the most beautiful illustrations with a holiday theme.

Top 25 Beautiful Christmas Clipart

  1. Watercolor Forest Animals Winter Set
  2. Sweet Christmas Watercolor Clipart
  3. Christmas Cake Watercolor Clipart
  4. Merriest Holidays Watercolor Christmas Clipart
  5. Pastel Christmas Watercolor Holiday Clipart
  6. Nordic Clipart Christmas Collection
  7. Snowflakes Christmas Hand Painted Clipart Bundle
  8. Messy & Modern Neutral Hue Christmas Trees
  9. Christmas Family Clipart including Couples and Kids
  10. Boho Christmas Pattern Clipart
  11. Cute Christmas Baby Reindeer Clipart
  12. Pink Christmas Winter Clipart Set
  13. Abstract Christmas Trees Clipart Bundle
  14. Vintage Christmas Watercolor Collection
  15. Gingerbread Watercolor Christmas Cookies Clipart
  16. Stained Glass Nativity Christmas Clipart
  17. Bright & Fun Merry Christmas Clipart
  18. Christmas Clipart & Pattern Collection with Holiday Florals, Christmas Homes, Hand Drawn Trees & More
  19. Christmas Campervan RV Travel Watercolor Clip Art Bundle
  20. Joyful Christmas Cards & Watercolor Clipart
  21. Winter Garden White Pastel Christmas Bird Hand Drawn Clipart
  22. Holiday Spirits Cocktails Beverages Christmas Clipart
  23. Gingerbread Wonderland Christmas Clipart
  24. Silver Christmas Gifts Clipart Bundle
  25. Christmas Dog Clipart

More Christmas Graphic Design Help

Now that you know where to find the most beautiful Christmas clipart, you might be looking for other resources to use in your graphic designs.

Well, you can pair up some pretty holiday clipart with a Christmas themed font! Just check out this list of the 35 best Christmas fonts.

And if you’re going to use any photographs in your designs, you should take a look at the 25 best Lightroom presets for Christmas for editing your photos.

Finally, if you’re specifically working on creating Instagram Stories, using one of these 25 best Christmas Instagram Story templates makes it easy!