best Christmas fonts for social media & blog posts and graphics

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Are you looking to add a special holiday touch to your blog, website or social media graphics this holiday season?

One way to do this is to use a special seasonal font!

We’ve put together a list of the top 25+ best Christmas fonts.

These fonts are a fun, professional way to add some winter flair or Christmas cheer to your graphics. Themed to everything from snowflakes to candy canes to Christmas sweaters to The Nightmare Before Christmas, the fonts are reasonably priced and simple to use.

Do make sure you check the license before using the fonts – some have restrictions or limits on the way you use it (for example, not being able to alter and sell the font as your own).

  1. Afterglow – A Christmas Font
  2. Ugly Christmas Sweater Font
  3. Holiday Colors Script & Print Font Duo
  4. Snowflake Winter Font
  5. Candy Cane Font
  6. Creative Fonts Seasonal Collection (includes numerous Christmas fonts)
  7. Yule Christmas Lights Font
  8. Happy Holidays Festive Font
  9. Sugar and Nutmeg Font
  10. Christmas Sweater Font
  11. Overcoat Font with Snowflake Extras
  12. Pepperminty Candy Cane Font
  13. Snowflake Alphabet Font
  14. Nightmare Before Christmas Font
  15. Merry & Bright Christmas Font Duo
  16. Sleigh Bells Christmas Font
  17. Sugar Cookie Christmas 3D Font
  18. Christmas Decorative Font
  19. Tehika Festive Script Font
  20. Christmas Holly Font
  21. Evergreen Christmas Pine Font
  22. Jolly Party Polka Dot & Striped Font
  23. Christmas Extras Crazy Serif Font
  24. Jingle Font
  25. Time for Presents Ribbon Font
  26. Funny Christmas Typeface
  27. Natale Christmas Font
  28. Merry Lights Hand-drawn Christmas Font
  29. North By Night, A Christmas Font
  30. Magic Winter Font Duo (also includes 98 Christmas vector graphic elements)
  31. Rad Tidings Hand-drawn Holiday Font
  32. My Dear Santa Festive Font
  33. Snow Blue Playful Font
  34. Xmas Wishes Handwritten Font
  35. Nordic Christmas Holiday Font

And if you’re looking for a deal on your Christmas font, consider getting this Happy Holidays Font Family Bundle. This includes 6 of the above fonts (Snowflake Winter, Happy Holidays, Pepperminty, Sugar Cookie, Evergreen & Time for Presents) – but currently for less than the total cost of any 2 of those!