Best Drupal charity themes

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Are you looking to build a charity website with Drupal?  Perhaps you run a charity or are starting a charity.  Maybe you want to start a website to crowdfund for a charity.  Maybe there is a fundraising goal your charity has and you need a website to help build awareness and interest.  Perhaps you run a charity event and you want to advertise it online.

Whatever the reason, Drupal is a great choice to build a website.  I have used Drupal to build websites before in the past.  It is a great way to build a website that not only looks incredibly professional but is also incredibly functional.

If you are building a website with Drupal, you’ll need a Drupal theme.  Your theme determines how your website looks.  So if you want a Drupal website for a charity website, then you should get a charity Drupal theme.  That saves you time since your website will right away fit your business and you don’t have to waste lots of time customizing it.

So we came up with our list of the best Drupal charity themes.  We hope you find the perfect one in our list.

  1. CharityPlus – Multipurpose Nonprofit Charity Drupal 9 Theme
  2. Krowd – Crowdfunding & Charity Drupal 9 Theme
  3. Charity Drupal Template
  4. Pink Charity Drupal Template
  5. Heart Charity Drupal Template
  6. Kunco – Charity, Crowdfunding & Fund Raising Drupal 9 Theme
  7. Charity Drupal Template
  8. Red Charity Drupal Template
  9. Charity Responsive Drupal Template
  10. Gofunded – Charity, Crowdfunding & Fund Raising Drupal 9 Theme
  11. Charity Organization Drupal Template
  12. Funded – Drupal Crowdfunding Commerce Site

Other Drupal & Website Resources

Another thing you’ll need for your Drupal website is a website host.  We go over reasons why Cloudway is a great choice for a Drupal website in this blog entry.

After you build your website, you might want to speed it up.  One way to do that is to create a mobile version of your website.  You can do this with the Google AMP Project.  AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.  It makes your website run much faster on mobile phones.  We talk about how to convert your Drupal website to an AMP website here.

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