Why Cloudways is the best hot for Drupal websites 15 reasons why

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There are a lot of great Managed WordPress web hosts out there that are great if you use WordPress (such as Kinsta, WP Engine, SiteGround, etc.).  But what about if you have a Drupal website? Since I run Drupal websites in addition to WordPress sites, I feel your pain and have had trouble finding that perfect webhost for my Drupal websites.

That is why Cloudways is such a blessing to anyone with a Drupal website.  They have so many features that help you run your Drupal website. Here are 15 reasons why I think you’ll love using Cloudways for your Drupal website:

  1. Stage Areas & URLs: This is my favorite part about Cloudways, honestly. You can test & develop your website using staging URLs which means you won’t have to affect your actual website.  You can play around with it and then when you get it the way you want it, you can take it live.
  2. Automated Backups: You can schedule automatic backups at regular intervals, anything from 1 hour to once every week, which can give you a lot of peace of mind.  Awhile back I was using a different web host for one of my Drupal websites and it was not doing backups so when I got attacked by a virus, it wiped out my website.  I don’t think I have to explain to you why you do not want that to happen.
  3. Application & Server Cloning: You can clone an entire server or make individual application copies with just 1 click!  All databases & files are copied to the staging URL.
  4. 24/7 Hour Expert Support: The previous web host I mentioned did not give me very good support, either.  You can find great expert support for a lot of Managed WordPress web hosts, but not so much for Drupal which makes Cloudways so appealing for anyone with a Drupal website
  5. Speed: The Drupal cloud hosting platform is faster than other web hosts because of the technology they use, where Nginx is combined with popular, advanced cache technologies like Redis, Memcache & Varnish
  6. Drush: Drush comes pre-installed so you don’t have to bother setting it up
  7. Composer: Composer also comes pre-installed, so you don’t have to worry about setting up composer, either
  8. Git Integration: Git comes installed, too
  9. Great for all sizes: Their managed Drupal hosting platform can handle Drupal websites of all sizes
  10. Secure: All customers are given a a dedicated & jailed cloud server, no matter if you’re a customer with one small website or you have 20 large websites.
  11. Free Migration: Obviously this only matters if you are moving a Drupal website you already have rather than starting a new one, but if you are moving your drupal site you’ll be happy to know that one Drupal site can be migrated for free (additional migrations do get charged, however).
  12. Managed Migrations: In addition to giving you a free migration, they give you a managed migrations, meaning they take care of all the requirements for you.
  13. 1-Click SSL Installation: You’re going to need SSL for your website, so the built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with 1-click installation is a huge plus for Cloudways
  14. No Long-Term Contract: If for whatever reason you’re not happy with this webhost, you can get out of it easily as you do not have to sign a Long-Term contract or pay a whole year upfront
  15. Multiple Users: If you’re not the only one who works on your website, you’ll be happy to know you can add team members , assign tasks to team members, etc. which makes it a lot easier to manage your team.

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You can find great Managed WordPress hosting, but if you run a Drupal website, is there a great Managed Drupal host? That answer is Cloudways. Here are 15 reasons why Cloudways is the best hotel for Drupal sites: has staging area & URLs, managed migrations, 1-Click SSL installation, application & server cloning, automated backups at regular intervals, 24/7 expert support, comes pre-installed with Git, Drush & Composer, it's really fast & secure, no long term contract, etc