Step by step guide for starting an auto parts business online

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How to Start an Auto Parts Business Online

Have you ever wanted to start your own auto parts business?  It could be a lot of fun for any car enthusiast.  But you might think the startup costs are too high.

But the truth is, that’s not the case.  You can actually start an auto parts business while keeping your expenses relatively low if you start an online auto parts business.  Starting your business online not only keeps the expenses down, but it’s also a smart idea right now.  Because let’s face it, having a business out of your home is a really safe venture given the current worldwide pandemic.  And the pandemic has resulted in people getting more comfortable shopping online.  So now is the perfect time to start your auto parts business online.

Step #1: Figure out Your Focus/Name

Are you going to be a general auto parts store?  Or are you going to be more narrowly focused on specific auto parts?  This is where you figure this out.

While you are figuring out your focus is also a good time to choose the name of your website.  You can go a lot of ways with this.  You could include your own name here.  But if you have a specific niche, make sure that is also apparent in your title.

And consider getting a name for your company that has a web address available.  For example, we are Website Tips & Tutorials.  We are able to get “”.  No one else had taken it.  You can see if the name you want for your business is available here.

Step #2: Start an LLC

The first thing you need to do is start an LLC.  An LLC is a limited liability company that helps protect you in case your business runs into financial trouble.  Hopefully, it won’t, but you need to protect yourself anyway.  I go over the advantages of starting an LLC here.

Step #2: Get a website with 3DCart

In order to have an online auto parts business, you will need a website.  And you can do that with 3DCart!

3DCart is a wonderful eCommerce platform.  They make it really easy for beginners to create their own website.  No coding or advanced computer science skills are even needed.

But even though it is easy to create a website, these websites look professional.  Your website’s users will never know how easy it was for you to design it!

And you can get started quickly with an auto parts online business with 3DCart because they even have templates for auto parts websites!  So you can just put in your information and be ready to go!

And it’s affordable, too.  3DCart helps you save money because they provide you with so many things, like a free domain name (which is your website address).  You can even get a 3DCart plan for dropshipping for just $9.99 a month!  Which is great, because you are going to want to do dropshipping for your auto parts business to keep costs down.

Now, what exactly is dropshipping?  Dropshipping is a way for you to sell auto parts without having to actually store them somewhere.  You sell straight from the wholesalers right to the customers.  No inventory needed!  Someone just buys a product from your online store and then the wholesaler will send it to the customer.  You don’t earn as much from a sale that you would if you created the product yourself.  But you save so much money that it’s totally worth it!  It is definitely the best way to create an auto shop business online without having to invest lots of money in it initially.  The main upfront expenses are the fees to start a company and your website.  Not bad, huh?

Step #3: Choose Dropshippers

You will need to choose which dropshippers to use for your online auto parts business.  That may seem overwhelming, but it’s actually not if you use 3DCart.  3DCart has built-in integration with leading dropshippers.  This helps you get the products automatically in your store.  And then they automatically send email notifications to your dropshippers when there is a new order or a cancellation.

Step #4: Market Your Store

So once you have your store you need to get the word out, right?  There are a lot of great ways to do that without needing a high-priced commercial campaign with a celebrity.  Here are a few.

Search Engine Optimization

Now, that term may not mean anything to you.  But that’s okay because it will!  What it means you make sure everything on your website is optimized so that your website will show up high in search engines like Google.  We go over some SEO tools you can use here.

Search Engine Ads

Another way to make sure your website shows up high in search engines is by buying search engine ads.  Then your website can show up much higher.

Now, this can get expensive.  And I know you want to keep your expenses down.  Which is why I suggest that you use Bing Ads.  Less people use the search engine Bing than Google.  But a lot of people do use Bing.  And your ads cost a lot less.  I have run ads on Google and Bing.  I lost money when using Google but made money right away when I used Bing.

Especially since Microsoft Advertising has a great promotion going.  Click here and you get $100 in search advertising for free when you spend $25 in Microsoft Advertising.  This is a great deal so you definitely want to take advantage of it!

Get Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are a great way to advertise your business.  People could find you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  You can actually do this for free and get hits to your website.

Or you could pay for advertising.  I have personally found Facebook advertising, for example, more effective than Google ads because they aren’t quite as expensive.

Here are some helpful links for you for starting your social media accounts:


Starting an auto parts business online is a great idea.  It is a great way to start a business while keeping expenses down.  And you can do it all from home by using dropshippers.  So you can save money by not having to supply inventory and keep safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.  And you don’t even need any experience!  So get started today!