The best surfing Lightroom presets for editing photos of surfers in the ocean & on the beach

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Do you post a lot of surf photography online?

Maybe you’re a travel or lifestyle blogger or influencer.

Or maybe you run a website, Instagram or other social media accounts for a surf related business. This could be a surf shop, surfboard or wetsuit brand, or surf school.

I’m sure you want your surfing photos to look as eye-catching and professional as possible.

An easy way to edit your photos to make them look as amazing as possible is by using a surfing Lightroom preset.

With Lightroom presets, you can edit pictures with just one click. You can emphasize certain colors, brighten, lighten, increase vibrancy, create a dreamy look, and more.

There are a couple of different ways you can use Lightroom. You can edit photos using the Lightroom mobile app, which is free. You can also use Lightroom in its desktop form on your laptop or computer. This requires a paid Adobe Lightroom subscription.

And if your images feature surfing, you can get a Lightroom preset that was specifically designed for surf photos! Take a look at this list of the top 30 surfing Lightroom presets. And find the presets that will help you create the look you want!

Best 30 Surf Lightroom Presets

  1. Surf’s Up – 12 Bright Desktop & Mobile Presets
  2. Waves Preset Bundle – 20 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets for Enhancing the Look of Water (5 Nixie Presets, 5 Cordelia Presets, 5 Caspian Presets & 5 Murphy Presets)
  3. Surf Lodge – 12 Beautiful Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  4. Surf and Sand – 6 Teal & Orange Mobile Presets
  5. Soul Surfer – 5 Minimalist Mobile Lightroom Presets
  6. Surfer Girl – 10 Bright, Airy Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets to Create Sea Blue Tones
  7. Surfing Lifestyle on Film – 15 Grainy 90s Retro Lightroom Presets (Mobile & Desktop)
  8. Water Life – 45 Lightroom Desktop Presets for a Modern Look
  9. Surf Break Bold Mobile Lightroom Preset
  10. Malibu – 10 Light & Bright Tropical Presets
  11. Surfer – 13 Desktop & Mobile LR Presets for Adding High Contrast, a Reddish Glow, and Baby Blue and Orange Tones
  12. Honolulu – A Bright Lightroom Preset
  13. Ocean – 15 Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets Ideal for Lifestyle & Fashion Bloggers and Influencers
  14. Surfer Chic Preset Pack – 6 Bright & Clean Mobile Presets, Great for Photos with Blues, Greens & Sandy Hues
  15. Sports Exposed Lightroom Presets – 15 Desktop Presets for Sports Photography (includes a Surfing preset)
  16. Surfer – 10 Desktop Lightroom Presets
  17. Hawaii – 10 Lightroom Presets for a Beachy Summer Vibe
  18. Surf and Suntan – 3 Lightroom Mobile Presets for a California Style
  19. Island Blue Presets – 10 Mobile & Desktop Presets for Vibrant Photos (includes Hawaiian Waves, Maldives Tide, Bahamas Charm, Boracay Blue, Coral Island & more)
  20. Surfing Lightroom Presets – 4 Desktop & Mobile Presets for an Old School Vintage Look
  21. Summertime – 10 Vibrant but Natural Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets
  22. Surfing Mood Gorgeous Lightroom Preset for Desktop & Mobile
  23. Watermelon Summer – 12 Warm & Sunny Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets
  24. Surf Mobile Preset for Brightening, Adding a Warm Glow, and Deepening Skin Tones
  25. Beach Vibes – 10 Bright Mobile and Desktop Presets
  26. Surf – 10 Sporty Lightroom Mobile Presets
  27. Blue Topaz – 1 Mobile & Desktop LR Preset for Vibrant Blues, Warm Yellows, Soft Creamy Greens & Bright Corals
  28. Surfer – 20 Mobile & Desktop Presets and LUTs for Blue & Orange Styles (5 Presets Each in the following categories: Josie, Haley, Safwan & Aleeza)
  29. Ocean Blues Mobile Preset for a Light & Airy Look
  30. Sunset – 10 Warm, Soft & Romantic Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets

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