best Lightroom mobile & desktop presets for beach photos

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If you want to share your beach photos on social media or on your blog, you’ll definitely want them to look their best!

But what happens if there’s something a little off? Maybe the day was a little darker than you would have liked, or maybe the coloring just turned out a little dull.

Luckily, you can improve your beach photography easily with Lightroom presets!

You can use Lightroom for desktop (which does require a paid subscription) or on mobile (which is free).

With Lightroom presets, you can change the appearance of your images with just one click!

So how do you find the best beach presets?

Well, check out this list! You’re sure to find presets that fit your photos or project perfectly.

  1. Beach Life Lightroom Presets – Enhance blue hues and natural skin tones by using one of the 50 Lightroom presets included in this bundle. Each preset falls into one of the following categories: Tropical (bright & airy), Rosy (soft & calming with a touch of rose pink), Vintage (nostalgic with sepia shadows), Tranquility (moody with a spiritual feeling) & Azure (creates contrast with gorgeous blue hues).
  2. Bounty Beach Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – Brighten and soften your beach photos while adding a slight grain effect with these 11 Lightroom presets (comes with both mobile and desktop versions).
  3. Tropical Beach Lightroom Presets Bundle – This bundle combines Maldives Lightroom Presets & Bahamas Lightroom Presets for a total of 6 different presets. They are inspired by the blues, turquoises & greens of those travel destinations. You can use these presets to bring out warm shades of orange for a tropical glow while also bringing out blue hues.
  4. Bikini Life Beach Lightroom Presets – Do you want to add a fun, commercial look to your beach photos? You’ll love these 10 Lightroom presets.
  5. Tulum Beach Desktop & Mobile Presets – These 4 Lightroom presets for both desktop and mobile will create a beautiful beach vibe in your photos by brightening, accentuating soft blues and creating rich skin tones.
  6. Love In The Beach Mobile Presets – If your photography involves couples or really any shot of people who love each other (including best friends or family), these 5 presets for Lightroom mobile will highlight the loving relationships while brightening the beach setting.
  7. Bora Bora Mobile Lightroom Preset – This mobile preset lightens and brightens beach photos and is well suited for images with lots of blues and aquamarines.
  8. Beach Day Lightroom Presets – This stylish Lightroom preset for mobile and desktop comes in 5 different versions and is ideal for photos taken in direct sunlight.
  9. Cabana Beach Mobile & Desktop Presets – With these 11 Lightroom desktop & mobile presets, you can add bright colors and blue tones to your photography.
  10. Just Beachy Mobile Presets – Add bright and airy tones to your photos with these 5 Lightroom mobile presets.
  11. Aqua Beach Lightroom Mobile Preset – Your beach photography will pop with this bright and stylish mobile preset.
  12. Seasalt Mobile Preset – Want to create a dreamy look with your beach pictures? This preset for Lightroom mobile will do the job and more! It brightens images while adding magenta hues and emphasizing pink and purple tones. It’s ideal for photos that are too dark, lacking color and already contain pinks and blues.
  13. Summer Beach Mobile Lightroom Presets – These 6 mobile presets lighten and brighten photos while bringing out the blue tones of the water.
  14. MaiKai Mobile Presets – Create eye-catching images using one of these 15 bright mobile Lightroom presets.
  15. Atlantic Lightroom Presets – This bundle of 11 Lightroom desktop and mobile presets will help you produce dramatic, bright beach images.
  16. Beach Vibes Mobile Lightroom Presets – Use one of these 5 Lightroom presets for mobile to add brightness and warmth to your beach shots.
  17. South Coast Landscape Presets – Travel photographers and travel bloggers will love these 12 stylish Lightroom presets, inspired by South Africa’s South Coast.
  18. Beach Bummin’ Lightroom Presets – You’ll find at least one preset perfect for each of your beach images with this bundle of 10 mobile & desktop presets. Includes the following presets: Chillin (deep blues), Struttin (bright yellows & light greens), Bein (orange & teal), Surfin (natural effect), Readin (soft deep blue), Bouncin (soft & bright), Livin (yellow & orange), Smilin (bright & blue), Lovin (dreamy & soft) & Ridin (moody greens).
  19. Sandbar Lightroom Mobile Preset – When your beach photos have a lot of whites (like with sands or sea foam) and light colored backgrounds, use this mobile preset to emphasize the bright whites and highlight the subject.
  20. COCO Beach Lifestyle Lightroom Presets – This pack of 10 presets for desktop & mobile will help you create fresh, light & stylish beach photography, perfect for blogs and Instagram feeds (and all images!).
  21. Breeze Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets – Add soft, clean tones to your beach photographs with this pack of 11 Lightroom presets, available for both desktop and mobile.
  22. Saint Tropez Summer Lightroom Presets – Give your photos a modern and vibrant look with this pack of 10 Lightroom presets for desktop & mobile.
  23. Sand + Water Desktop and Mobile Presets – Bring out warm beach tones and a soft glow in your photos with these 6 Lightroom mobile and desktop presets.
  24. Ocean Blue Mobile Presets – If your photography highlights the ocean, these 5 presets for Lightroom mobile will create a beautiful high saturation of the blues.
  25. Palawan Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – Create an aquatic look and bring out attractive colors with one of the 11 Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop included in this pack.
  26. Salty Lightroom Mobile Preset – Your Instagram feed or blog images will have a cohesive, lovely look if you use this mobile preset on your beach photos.
  27. Beach Bum Lightroom Preset – This golden, dreamy preset (for mobile & desktop) works great on Instagram posts of beaches.
  28. Sea Wind Desktop & Mobile Presets – Add contrast for a beautiful, modern look with this pack of 11 Lightroom presets (available in mobile and desktop format).
  29. Navagio Lightroom Presets – Shipwrecked Beach, also known as Navagio Beach, is famous for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. These 9 breathtaking Lightroom presets are inspired by this gorgeous beach.
  30. Exuma Blue Lightroom Presets – These 8 presets were designed specifically for beach scenes. Using them allows you to highlight pristine beaches, bring out ocean blues & maintain natural skin tones.
  31. Salt Water Taffy Mobile Preset – Bring out blues and oranges to produce a fun, vibrant look with this preset for Lightroom mobile.
  32. South Beach Lightroom Preset Bundle – You can bring out natural tones and faded aquas & browns with the 11 desktop and mobile presets in this pack.
  33. Resort Lightroom Mobile Preset – Use this mobile preset on your beach resort photos to add brightness and clarity.
  34. Travel Beach Lightroom Presets – Your beach pictures will have a light, bright glow with these 20 Lightroom presets. They come in desktop and mobile formats, and you’ll also get corresponding LUTs to use with video editing in Adobe Premiere.
  35. Ocean Beach Lightroom Preset – Lighten and bring out the blues in your beach photos with this mobile preset for Lightroom.

Do you have summer photos you’d like to improve that don’t include a beach setting? You’ll love our list of the top Lightroom presets for summer!