best summer lightroom presets for mobile and desktop

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Give your photos a fun summer feel with these Lightroom presets!

Lightroom is a photo editing app you can use to change the look of your images. It’s basically like using an Instagram filter where you can alter the appearance with just one click (instead of having to manually adjust things like lighting, coloring, etc). You can use Lightroom on mobile (for free!) and on desktop (with a paid subscription).

If you’re a blogger, Instagrammer, social media manager or run a website, you know how important it is that your pictures convey the right messages. Use one of these Lightroom presets to make sure your photography has the perfect summer vibes.

  1. Summer Love Lightroom Presets – Create a bright and stunning look with your summer photos using this pack of 10 mobile and desktop Lightroom presets.
  2. Vibrant Mobile and Desktop Presets – This pack of 20 Lightroom presets (for mobile and desktop) creates bright images with vivid tones, perfect for summer and beach photography.
  3. Summer Punch Mobile Lightroom Presets – These 10 warm and sunny mobile presets are especially great for lifestyle, fashion and travel photography.
  4. Bee Tanned Lightroom Presets – You’ll get stylish, warm tones with these 5 presets for mobile and desktop Lightroom. They are ideal for outdoor shots, especially with a beach or tropical setting.
  5. Summertime Lifestyle Lightroom Presets – Use one of the 20 Lightroom presets included in this pack to produce bright and vivid photos.
  6. Summer Glow Mobile Lightroom Preset – Make the blues in your photos pop with this Lightroom preset for mobile.
  7. Sunshine Lightroom Presets – Create bright, dreamy and beautiful photos using one of the 6 Lightroom presets for mobile & desktop included in this bundle.
  8. Vintage Summer Lightroom Presets – Combine a vintage look with a more modern feel with this bundle of 6 Lightroom presets.
  9. Summer Pack of Mobile Presets – This pack includes 6 presets for Lightroom mobile: Beach Bum, Bahama Blue, Sun Dazed, Sand Dollar, Miami Vibes & Orange Teal.
  10. Bright & Tan Lightroom Preset – Brighten your photos and add a beautiful glow with this preset for desktop and mobile.
  11. Summer Lightroom Preset Pack – You’ll have lots of options with this pack of 30 bright and airy Lightroom presets (available for mobile and desktop).
  12. Daylight Mobile Lightroom Preset – Add bronze & sunny undertones and vibrant hues to your photos with this mobile preset.
  13. Summer Collection – This collection of 15 desktop and mobile Lightroom presets will allow you to create trendy, beautiful tones for your travel, lifestyle and fashion summer photography.
  14. Summer Vibe Lightroom Presets – Let your summer photos look more radiant and beautiful with these 8 Lightroom presets for desktop and mobile.
  15. Golden Glow Lightroom Preset – Bring out the highlight glow in your photos with this Lightroom preset (comes with a mobile and a desktop version).
  16. Summer Cream Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets – Your blog photos or Instagram feed will have an elegant, cohesive look by using one of these 5 presets for desktop & mobile.
  17. Hello Summer Lightroom Preset – Give your social media posts or blog photos an elegant, professional summery look using one of the 25 presets in this pack.
  18. Summer on Maldives Lightroom Presets – This preset bundle of 5 desktop and mobile presets are a helpful tool for influencers, photographers, and Instagrammers.
  19. Sun-Sational Lightroom Presets – These 12 desktop and mobile presets were designed for travel bloggers & photographers and bring a bright, vibrant feel to summer and vacation images.
  20. Summer Travel Lightroom Presets – Add liveliness and color to your travel, adventure, lifestyle and vacation photos with one of these 15 Lightroom presets.
  21. Hot Tropics Lightroom Preset – This stylish preset for mobile and desktop works particularly well on outdoor photos with lots of greens.
  22. Summer Light Leak Presets – If you want your summer photos to have a light leak effect, you’ll love this collection of 21 light leaks Lightroom presets.
  23. Bloomy June Lightroom Preset – Using this preset for desktop and mobile produces bright, sweet and sunny photos.
  24. Summer Villa Lightroom Presets – Bloggers and photographers will love these 10 desktop and mobile presets, which create warm, vibrant and impressive images.
  25. Freedom Lightroom Mobile Preset – Create a carefree, summery feel with this gorgeous mobile preset.
  26. Summer Lightroom Preset – Make your photos stand out with this bright and beautiful Lightroom preset (comes with mobile and desktop preset version).
  27. Matty Summer Lightroom Presets – You can produce a look that’s both happy and stunning with these 18 desktop and mobile Lightroom presets. Some excellent uses for the filters include fashion, tropical travel, poolside, yoga, food or beach photos.
  28. Summer of ’09 Lightroom Preset – Transform your photos by adding a warm, dreamy, feminine look with this Lightroom preset.
  29. Girly Pink Lightroom Presets – These 10 mobile & desktop presets brings a lovely, eye-catching look to your summer photos. They work especially well for beach photography and outdoor images.
  30. Summer Breeze Lightroom Preset – Give an airy feel to greens and blues while making whites pop with this Lightroom preset for mobile & desktop.
  31. Santa Monica Summer Lightroom Presets – Your photos can look warm, bright and trendy by using one of the 3 mobile presets included in this pack.
  32. 50 Summer Presets – If you’re looking for both beautiful summer presets and a great deal, consider this Lightroom preset collection. It includes 50 different presets perfect for photographers, Instagramers and graphic designers.
  33. Summer Bouquet Presets – If 50 isn’t enough, this bundle contains over 80 premium Lightroom presets.
  34. Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets – Give your photography a light, bright & airy feel with one of these 10 presets in desktop and mobile versions.
  35. Summer Time Lightroom Presets – Add a bold summer vibe to your photos with these 20 Lightroom presets.
  36. Charming Summer Presets – 12 unique desktop and mobile presets to help you create soft green and tan brown colors in your photos.
  37. Summer Wedding Lightroom Presets – Whether you’re a wedding photographer, wedding blogger, or just want to edit photos from your own wedding, you’ll love these 50 romantic Lightroom presets.
  38. Bali Summer Instagram Lightroom Preset Bundle – These 12 Lightroom mobile and desktop presets are wonderful for lifestyle, fashion, and travel bloggers and influencers.
  39. Summer Light Presets – Looking to create bright and professional summer images? Consider this pack of 80+ Lightroom presets.
  40. Desert Heat Lightroom Preset – Use the desaturated, matte effect that comes with this preset (for desktop & mobile Lightroom) to produce a retro, faded feel for trendy summer photography.
  41. Summer Holiday Lightroom Presets – With these 20 presets for mobile and desktop, you can create a unique and high quality look.
  42. Beautiful Summer Lightroom Preset – Do you have portraits, wedding photos or lifestyle photos shot in natural light? You can add a warm, summer look with this Lightroom preset.
  43. Summer Lime Pro LR Presets – If you’d like to create warm, bright, glowing, sun-kissed images, use one of the 13 desktop and mobile Lightroom presets included in this set.
  44. Light Summer Tropical Effects Presets – These five bright and cinematic presets (for mobile and desktop) are great for many types of images, such as beach, travel, wedding, and landscape photos.
  45. Summer Fade Lightroom Presets – Your summer photos will have an airy, dreamy look when you use one of the 70+ Lightroom presets included in this bundle.
  46. Dream Summer Time – Create a dreamy, distinctive look with this collection of 15 Lightroom presets.
  47. Summer Adventure Lightroom Presets – Add an amazing, adventurous feel to your photography by using one of these 50 Lightroom presets, which fall into one of the following categories: Summer Portrait, Summer Sunset, Summer Greenery, Summer Architecture & Moody Summer.
  48. Autumn and Summer Lightroom Collection – These 75 Lightroom desktop presets work well with pictures from outdoor photo shoots.
  49. Summer Noon Lightroom Mobile Presets – You can add brightness, warmth, oranges, and whites to your photography with these 5 mobile filters. You can also get the same presets for Lightroom desktop.
  50. Hot Summer Mobile Presets – Give your summer and spring photos an eye-catching and cohesive look with these 10 mobile Lightroom presets.

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