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If you’re looking for a way to improve your Pinterest marketing, you may have considered using Pinterest templates.

What is a Pinterest Template?

A Pinterest template is a pre-designed pin that’s created to do well on the Pinterest platform. All you have to do is change the wording and perhaps the photo(s) to match your content, and you can use it to promote your blog or website!

Should I Use a Pinterest Template?

Using a great looking template is a lot faster and easier than designing something from scratch. And, ideally, whoever made the template has a lot of experience with Pinterest and knows what will be successful (and what won’t) when it comes to pin design.

Plus, with Pinterest putting an emphasis on fresh content, using templates will allow you to keep pinning new pins (thus gaining a larger reach on the platform).

There are a lot of options out there for Pinterest templates. We at Website Tips & Tutorials have put together a list of the best Pinterest templates for 2023. These are professional looking pin options that will help you fill your Pinterest boards with attractive pins. Some of them require the use of different design tools (like Adobe Photoshop or Google Slides), so keep this in mind when deciding which templates are best for you and your brand.

What are the Best Pinterest Templates?

1. Canva

We at Website Tips & Tutorials are big fans of Canva – we’ve been using it for years! Canva is a graphic design tool that offers you lots of options. In addition to creating pins, you can create images for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and your blog, as well as printables, fliers and much more.

Included with Canva are a number of Pinterest templates. A quick check just now shows that I have access to over 800 Pinterest templates! Many of them will work great for lots of content types. Others were designed specifically for particular genres, like wedding or food. You can also search the templates for a certain term, like lifestyle or travel, to find templates that fit your blog or brand.

One big advantage of using Canva for Pinterest is that the templates aren’t just in image form – there are a number of video pin templates. Pinterest has made a recent push to prioritize video content, so this is an extremely helpful feature. In fact, the inclusion of video pin templates is what places it at the top of this list!

Please note that we do use Canva Pro, which is the paid version that gives you more features. In addition to more templates in general (not just for Pinterest but for other content types), you get a lot of other extras.

For example, with one click you can resize your image to other formats. This has been a huge help when we want to quickly turn a pin into a Facebook image or Twitter pic. It’s also helpful when we start working on a design and realize it would work better with different dimensions.

Another great part of Canva Pro is that you get access to 75+ million stock videos, photos, graphics and audio. We actually haven’t used the audio feature yet, but we have gotten great use out of the videos, photos and graphics!

You can also create a Brand Kit with Canva Pro which allows you to upload your logo, save your brand colors, upload up to 100 fonts and designate brand fonts. By using your Brand Kit, you can tweak pin templates (by changing colors and fonts or adding your logo) so that your pins can have a more cohesive look – and a look that is more specifically yours.

2. Creative Market

You can find hundreds of Pinterest templates at Creative Market. Creative Market is a fantastic resource for graphics, fonts, templates and more. Be sure to check which design tool you’ll need for each template pack – while many of the templates can be edited in Canva, some require Adobe Photoshop or will allow you to use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.

Some of our favorites of the Pinterest templates you can find here include:

3. Envato Market

Similar to Creative Market, you can find a number of Pinterest template packs at Envato Market.

4. Stencil

While we do love Canva as a graphic design tool here at Website Tips & Tutorials, we’re also big fans of Stencil. In fact, we love being able to switch back and forth depending on which will work best for our design ideas. We go into more detail about how they compare and the strengths of both Canva and Stencil here.

Included in Stencil are over 90 Pinterest templates in a variety of styles. You can also get hundreds of other templates in other formats (such as Instagram and Twitter).

Please note that there is currently a lifetime deal available for Stencil. This is a limited time deal that will let you pay just one up front fee, as opposed to monthly or yearly payments required by most graphic design software. If you’re interested in Stencil, then you should definitely jump on this bargain before it goes away!

5. Etsy

While Etsy may not necessarily be your first thought when it comes to your Pinterest marketing needs, there are a number of highly creative people on Etsy who offer fantastic looking Pinterest templates. Check out some of our favorite pin templates:

6. Tailwind Create

Clearly, there are lots of options if you want to edit the wording and photos on your pin by hand. But what if you want something simpler?

Well, Tailwind Create was made just for that!

With Tailwind Create, you supply the URL of your blog post or web page and a title. You can pick from the photos already on that page, upload your own or choose from stock photo options. Then Tailwind Create “magically” generates dozens of possible pin options. All you have to do is choose your favorites and then you can either download them or schedule them through Tailwind’s Pinterest scheduler!

This process may seem ideal if you have no graphic design experience (or interest) and want the process to be as hands off as possible. It does have its pros and cons, which we go over in this Tailwind Create review. If you’re looking for some easy Pinterest templates, though, then you should definitely check it out.

Oh, and if you do decide to sign up for Tailwind, be sure to use this link so you can get a free month of Tailwind.

How Do I Create & Sell My Own Pinterest Templates?

Hopefully, in one (or more) of these 6 options, you’ve found the perfect Pinterest templates that will allow you to create lots of great looking pins – without having to spend a lot of time on it!

However, what if all this has gotten you thinking, why don’t I create my own templates and share them with others?

If you have a lot of experience with designing Pinterest pins and you enjoy doing it, then this can actually be a great business idea. We go into detail here on how you can start your own Pinterest template subscription business.