making a Pinterest template for a subscription business

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How to Start a Pinterest Pin Templates Subscription Business

Let’s face it.  Jobs are a bit hard to come by these days.  And some jobs have greatly reduced workers’ hours.  Entrepreneurs’ profits can also be way down.  So it goes in 2020.

So now is the perfect time to start your own business.  Or start another business on the side.  And we think you could do this with a Pinterest Template Subscription Business.

Why You Should Start a Pinterest Template Subscription Business

So you may be thinking, why a Pinterest Template Subscription Business?  Well, if you create your own pins, you may be in a great position to do this.

And people like getting Pinterest templates.  A lot of small business owners love using Pinterest to advertise their products.  And they would benefit from getting new Pinterest templates.  It would save them time.  And people are always looking for ways to save time.

How to Make Pinterest Templates

There are a number of different ways you can make Pinterest templates, such as by using Adobe Photoshop.

However, we recommend using Canva to create your templates.

Canva is a popular design tool used by many Pinterest creators to make pins. That way, you’ll have a large potential audience who will be interested in your templates for Canva.

Now, you will need a Canva Pro subscription (or Canva for Enterprise, Canva for Education or Canva for Nonprofits subscription) in order to share your templates.  We at Website Tips & Tutorials love Canva Pro and would recommend it anyway.  Some of the features offered include being able to upload your own fonts and logos for your own pins, one-click design resize and access to millions of premium stock images, photos, videos and graphics.  Canva Pro currently only costs $9.95/month if you pay for it yearly (or $12.95/month if you pay for it monthly).

Once you have a Canva Pro subscription, the next step is to create a pin that you’ll make into a template.  For this pin, make sure you use images and fonts that are available for free Canva users, because some of your subscribers may not use Canva Pro.

Once you’ve created your pin, look to the upper right hand part of the screen and click on where it says “Share”.

A box will pop up, and at the bottom of the box it will say “Share a link to edit  v  Copy link”. Click on the “v”.  You’ll then get a choice of “Share a link to edit,” “Share a link to use as template,” and “Share a link to view”.

how to share a pin design as a template in canva pro

The option you want is “Share a link to use as template”. Because you are sharing it as a template, your subscribers will NOT be able to make changes to your copy. They will only be able to edit their own copy of the template.

Once you click on “Share a link to use as template,” click on where it says “Copy link”. This is the link that you will share with your customers.  You can do this for every pin you create that you want to share as a template.

Whenever your subscribers click on a link to one of your templates, they will see a picture of the template and have the option to click on “Use template” so that they can start editing their copy of the template. (If they haven’t logged into Canva, they’ll see a pop up so that they can log in or sign up before editing.)

sharing a Pinterest template from Canva

How to Charge Customers for a Subscription

So now that you know why should make Pinterest Templates and how to make them, the next question is, how do you make money off of it?  How do you charge people each month for a subscription?

Well, we are going to tell you two steps you’ll need to make.

Create a WordPress Website

The first thing you need to do is create a WordPress website for your business.  You are going to want a website for this business.  This is where you can sell everyone on your great product.  You can explain who you are, show your templates, explain the benefits of using Pinterest pin templates, etc.

WordPress is a great content management system to use for your new website.  That is because WordPress makes it really easy to start a new website.  You don’t need any experience creating websites, coding, or computer science to create a great-looking, professional website.  Click here for our non-technical guide to creating a WordPress website.

Getting Recurring Payments

Once you have your website, you will need to be able to accept recurring payments.  There are a lot of ways you can do that with WordPress.  There are multiple ways you can do this.  Click here to find out how to easily charge for recurring payments on WordPress.