Best Lightroom Presets for Engagement Photos, Proposals & Wedding Photography

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Editing Engagement Photos

Wondering how to edit engagement photos so they look professional and stunning?

Maybe you’re a professional photographer. Or maybe you decided to take your own engagement photos, or you did an engagement photo shoot for a friend.

No matter the case, using Adobe Lightroom presets is an easy way to make the photos look even more beautiful.

Lightroom presets are one click filters that adjust your photos to achieve certain things, like brighten, lighten, bring out specific colors or create various effects.

The presets can be available in desktop/laptop form (you’ll need a subscription to use it) or as a mobile version (which can be used with the free Lightroom mobile app).

We’ve put together a list of the best 15 Lightroom presets for your engagement photos. No matter the setting or time of year – or the type of look you’re hoping to create with your photos – you are sure to find high quality presets that are perfect for your engagement photography!

Top 15 Lightroom Presets for Engagement Photos

  1. Spring Engagement Professional Lightroom Presets – These 4 Lightroom presets will give your spring engagement photos vivid colors, soft skin tones and warm, beautiful contrast.
  2. Honeymoon Lightroom Wedding Presets – This bundle of 3 Lightroom presets & 9 preset variations (for different lighting conditions and white balance) creates a soft and romantic color palette for engagement, wedding and love-story photography.
  3. Wedding Charm Premium Bundle – Editing many engagement and wedding photo shoots? This bundle of premium Lightroom & Photoshop presets and Photoshop overlays is perfect for you! It includes 300 ready to use presets in different styles (like Cinematic, Outdoor, Black & White, Deep Matte, Portrait, HDR Landscape & more) as well as 150 control presets (for skin, sky & more). You’ll also get 25 Photoshop speed retouch actions and 225 Photoshop overlays.
  4. Lovestory Film Lightroom Presets – If you’re editing engagement or romantic photos, this pack of 8 presets can bring out rich, soft and deep colors for a modern, trendy look.
  5. Storybook Mobile Presets – You’ll create a bright, fairytale look for your photos with this pack of 5 mobile Lightroom presets.
  6. Romantic Autumn Lightroom Preset Collection – Did the engagement take place in the fall? Then you should consider using this bundle of 20 presets, including ones specifically for soft colors, soft black & white, bright landscape, red leaves, soft shadows, bright orange, a vintage forest setting & more.
  7. Best Sellers Bundle of 42 Lightroom Presets – Are you looking for a soft, romantic feel for your engagement photos? Check out this bundle, which includes presets (for desktop & mobile) from 6 popular collections: Outdoor Natural & Clean, Bright & Airy, Natural Bright & Airy, Perfect Tones, Perfect Family, and Professional Wedding.
  8. 20 Folklore Lightroom Presets & LUTs – This pack of presets for Lightroom Classic & Mobile add dark film tones to produce a moody, nostalgic feel. Includes 5 presets each in the following categories: Garden, Forest, Trail & Silver.
  9. Everlast Lightroom Presets – These beautiful Lightroom presets in desktop & mobile versions come in 5 styles: regular, darker, brighter, high contrast & matte.
  10. Love Story Lightroom Presets – With these 30 Lightroom presets, your engagement photos will look even more memorable! Some of the presets are designed for bright color, sunsets, tender close-ups, sunlight, selfies, magazine style photography & much more.
  11. Green Wedding Lightroom Mini Pack – If your engagement photography includes lots of greens, especially in a natural or outdoors setting, then these 6 desktop & mobile presets are ideal.
  12. Lomo Love Lightroom Presets – Create a dramatic, eye catching look for your engagement photography using one of these 10 Lightroom presets.
  13. Warm Pink Lightroom Presets – Add rosy warmth and glowing skin tones to your images with these 2 Lightroom presets.
  14. Sunset Wedding Golden Hour Lightroom Presets – Produce stunning engagement photos with a sunset feel using these 10 mobile & desktop Lightroom presets. Your photos should contain some sun or natural light (such as pictures taken at sunrise or sunset) to use these presets.
  15. Romantic Lightroom Preset Megapack – You’ll have many options for your photo editing with this pack of 150 romantic Lightroom presets.
  16. Graphite Engagement Lightroom Presets – Use these 12 presets (for Lightroom mobile and desktop) to create striking engagement photos.

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