Best Fonts for Fairy Tales and Fantasy Stories

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Are you creating graphics with a fairy tale theme?

You might be designing social media posts or web banners. Perhaps you’re crafting invitations, fliers, posters, or decorations for a themed event. Maybe you’d like a storybook theme for printables, handouts, an e-book, or a book cover. You might even be designing merchandise like T-shirts, coffee mugs or baseball caps.

Whatever your reason, a fairy tale font is a wonderful way to help set that perfect mood. And whether you want something more whimsical and childlike, traditional and nostalgic, or magical and epic, we have some fabulous fairytale fonts for you!

Here at Website Tips & Tutorials, we’ve put together a list of the 55 best fonts for fairytales. We’ve highlighted our 8 favorites, but if they don’t fit your design needs, then don’t worry! Look through the dozens of great options and select the fairy tale typeface that’s best for your project. And we hope you have fun looking, too!

8 Top Fonts for Fairy Tales

  1. Histories – Fairytale Typeface
    Histories Fairytale Font
  2. Dragon Tales Fairy Display Font
    Dragon Tales Fairy Display Font
  3. Wonder Magic Lovely Fantasy Font
    Wonder Magic Lovely Fantasy Font
  4. Mallica Fairytale Display Comic Font Typeface
    Mallica Fairytale Display Comic Font Typeface
  5. Fairy Tail Special Fantasy Blackletter Font
    Fairy Tail Special Fantasy Blackletter Font
  6. Magic Curls Fairytale Fantasy Font
    Magic Curls Fairytale Fantasy Font
  7. The Fairies Princess and Fairy Themed Font
    The Fairies Princess and Fairy Themed Font
  8. Enchanted Land Display Font
    Enchanted Land Display Font

We also recommend the following fairytale fonts:

  1. Fantasy Font Bundle – 16 Fonts Including Dark Knight, FairyDust, ScrollofWisdom, Auld Magick, Swordskull, Blackknight, Scribish, Dark Magic, Ringbearer, Fairy Tale, Quest Knight, Old Wise Lord, Magical, & Knights Templar
  2. Fairytale Forest Handwritten Font
  3. Garden’s Secrets Font Collection
  4. Beautiful Fairytale Playful Display Font
  5. Javar All Caps Display Font
  6. Fairy Tale Childlike Handwritten Font
  7. The Dickens’s Fairytale Lettering Font Collection
  8. Misteri Fantasy Font
  9. The Phantom Isles Dramatic Serif Font
  10. Fairylike Display Font
  11. Bedtime Stories Cute and Playful Serif Typeface Font
  12. The Wonder Tales Handmade Serif Display Font
  13. Brownie Fox Fairytale Typeface
  14. Fable Bug Simple Serif Font
  15. Fairytale Cute Handwritten Font
  16. Spring Dreams Hand Drawn Typeface
  17. Rhaegarwood Storybook Font Family
  18. Once Upon A Time Typeface
  19. Bedtime Story Bold and Whimsical Typeface
  20. Chapter I Handwritten Font for Magical Stories
  21. Fairytale Serif Whimsical Vintage Typeface
  22. Unicorns Silhouette Font
  23. Marine Fairytale Vintage Font
  24. Pakufont Modern Fairytale Typeface
  25. Tale of Kings Uncial Inspired Fantasy Font
  26. Selendra Typeface
  27. Fairy Tale Fantasy Voice Font
  28. Majestic Palm Magical Fairytale Font
  29. Aerwyna Whimsical Fairytale Font
  30. Magic Story Font
  31. Berkisah Fairy Tales Playful Display Font
  32. Little Witches Whimsical Font
  33. Arkana Fantasy Typeface
  34. Wonderland Elegant Handcrafted Font
  35. Medieval Font
  36. Faerytale Woods Font
  37. Marguerite Handmade Modern Serif Font
  38. Dumbleton Tall Typeface
  39. La Forest Creative Vintage Display Font
  40. Storybook Calligraphy Font
  41. Wonder Night Fantasy Font
  42. Enchants Clean Vintage Font
  43. Dragon Wings Handwritten Font
  44. Magical Time Font Duo
  45. Unicorn Princess Adorable Script Font
  46. Fairytales Beautiful Font
  47. Elegant Font Bundle – Old English, Gothic & German

More Fonts

Using the perfect font is a simple way to improve your graphic designs.

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