Best Japanese Fonts for Bloggers, Influencers & Graphic Design

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Why Use Japanese Inspired Fonts

Are you looking for a Japanese inspired font?

Depending on your project, you might want a brush font, something with a handwritten look, a cute font… there are a lot of possibilities.

And choosing a special font is a great way to make your social media posts stand out on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & other platforms.

It’s also an easy way to create the right look for your website or blog.

And of course, you can also use fonts for printables, T-shirts, handmade cards, signs, menus and lots of other graphic design projects.

We at Website Tips & Tutorials have put together a list of the 50 best Japanese fonts.

These high quality, professional fonts can be used in a variety of ways.

You can also the fonts in some of your favorite graphic design tools, like:

Take a look through this top 50 list of the best Japanese fonts to see which ones are best for you.

50 Best Japanese Fonts

  1. Japanese Style Font
  2. Osake – A Japanese Font Style
  3. Japanese Brush Master
  4. Kenjo Display Font Collection with Japanese/Art Deco Influence
  5. The Tokyo Creative Kit with 12 Fonts (Also Includes 11 Adobe Illustrator Brushes & 18 Textures)
  6. Tsuki Font Inspired By Japanese Manga & Video Games
  7. CITYPOP – 5 Japanese 90s Retro Fonts
  8. Harukaze Brush Display Typeface Inspired by Traditional Japanese Calligraphy
  9. Pukupuku-japan Cute Round Font
  10. Wabi Sabi, a Rough & Earthy Japanese Inspired Handmade Font
  11. Katsuji Tai Japanese Style Font
  12. OKAMI Modern Uppercase Display Font Inspired by Contemporary Japanese Design
  13. ONIGASHIMA Japanese Brush Font
  14. Mojita Intricate Geometric Uppercase Font Inspired by Japanese Art Deco
  15. Karasha Display Font with Japanese Style
  16. Yamatoshi Charming Handwritten Script Font Inspired By Japanese Calligraphy Culture
  17. Kabuto True Tribute Style Font
  18. Japanese Fresh & Modern Font
  19. Haruka Bold & Powerful Display Font Inspired By Kimono Japanese
  20. Bankai Handwritten Font
  21. Hokuto Lovely Simple Asian Font
  22. Yoriko Display Font Influenced By Japanese Brush Stroke Glyphs
  23. Okaeri – Japan Inspired Decorative Display Font
  24. OMASU Ornamental Japanese Handwritten Font
  25. Hikaru Cute Asian Font
  26. Xan Expressive Font with Japanese Touch
  27. Sakura Hand Drawn Japanese Style Font
  28. Mariska Font
  29. Shakuro Brush Typeface Inspired By Japanese Kanji Typography
  30. Tokyo Ornamental Typeface
  31. Kashima Brush Natural Looking Font
  32. Okashi Font
  33. Haruyo Morita Hand-Lettered Brush Font
  34. Sea of Japan Regular & Oblique Font
  35. Gayana Display Font
  36. NONA Traditional Japanese Themed Font
  37. Jakosta Unique Display Font
  38. Hiro Misake Brush Font with a Japanese Style
  39. Takatsuki Beautiful Display Font
  40. Shikamaru Minimalist Japanese Style Typeface
  41. Japan 2030 Display Font
  42. Hirokawa Elegant Japanese Font
  43. Pinemon Kingdom Display Font
  44. Asake All-Lowercase Cute Sans Serif Japanese Inspired Font
  45. Sakura Town Brushed Display Font
  46. Sayonara Japanese Style Typeface
  47. Shibuya Zone Handwritten Font
  48. Hiroshima Gyoshi Handwritten Font Inspired by Ancient Japanese Calligraphy
  49. Aokahori Brush Font
  50. Japon Handwritten Ornamental Font

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