100 Best Fun Fonts for Graphic Design Projects

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Choosing the Best Fun Font

The perfect font can really make you stand out – whether you’re sharing a graphic with a text overlay on social media (like Instagram or Pinterest), making digital ads, creating a banner for your website or blog, or designing printables.

And depending on the type of content, you might want to use a fun and playful font.

At Website Tips & Tutorials, we’ve put together a list of the 100 best fun fonts. Actually, we have two lists: a top 10 list, and then 90 other fun fonts that would also work well in your projects. These are high quality, professional, eye-catching fonts that are sure to create the perfect fun-loving mood.

You can add these fonts to Canva Pro (you can add up to 100 of your own fonts when you use the Pro version of Canva), as well as other graphic design tools. And after we share our favorite fun fonts, we’ve also included a video that shows you how to install fonts in Windows 10. This will allow you to, for example, use your new font in Microsoft Word.

Top 10 Best Fun Fonts

  1. Zoocute Jungle Font for Playful and Fun Graphics
    Zoocute Jungle Fun Font
  2. Clowney Fun Bold Display Font for Social Media Graphics
    Clowney Fun Bold Display
  3. Pink Shark Fun Handwriting Font for Graphic Design
    Pink Shark Fun Handwriting Font
  4. Fun Kids Playful Font for Blogs, Websites & Social Media
    Fun Kids Playful Font
  5. Candyful Fun Handwritten Font for Graphic Design Projects
    Candyful Fun Handwritten Font
  6. Mighty Star Fun & Rough Font for Graphic Design
    Mighty Star Fun & Rough Serif Font
  7. My Home Fun Handwritten Font for Bloggers and Social Media Managers
    My Home Fun Handwritten Font
  8. Apricots Fun and Modern Handwritten Script Font
    Apricots Fun & Modern Handwritten Script Font
  9. Chia Seeds Fun Handwritten Font for Creating Graphics and Social Media Posts
    Chia Seeds Fun Handwritten Font
  10. Grace Sherina Playful and Fun Handwriting Font
    Grace Sherina Playful Handwriting Font

90 More Fun Fonts

  1. Fun Zone Playful Font
  2. Sneak Peak Fun Display Font
  3. Daisy Fun Bubbly Display Font
  4. Fun Party Display Font
  5. Antiokhia Fun Quirky Font
  6. Billeo Fun Typeface
  7. Fun Fonts Pack! Bundle of 5 Typefaces (Glubby, Space Cowboy, Hit and Run, Boxing, & Hey Gotcha!)
  8. Bread Story Fun Quirky Font
  9. Day n Nite Fun Sans Typeface
  10. Koplock Fun Handwritten Font
  11. Arigone Cute Fun Display Font
  12. The Utterly Delightful Font Pack with 12 Hand Drawn Fonts
  13. The Burcey Fun Display Font
  14. Fun Boys Cute Display Font
  15. Likewise Fun Chunky Handwritten Font
  16. BigBro Child Friendly Fun Display Font
  17. Kidstar Fun Typeface
  18. The August Fun Handwritten Font
  19. Beliday Fun and Cute Typeface
  20. Tropical Punch Fun Retro Font
  21. Sundae Bite Fun Handwritten Font
  22. French Fries Fun Doodley Font
  23. My Fox Fun and Playful Hand-Drawn Font
  24. Ice Cream Fun & Sweet Handwritten Font
  25. Chekidot Fun Font Trio
  26. Stardom Quirky & Fun Handwritten Font
  27. Sunshiny Cute & Fun Font in Freehand Marker Style
  28. Snow Bright Fun Handwritten Display Font
  29. Harry Fun Box Font
  30. Florida Summer Playful Handwriting Font
  31. Jelly Bomb Fun Serif Font
  32. Monkey Geek Fun Hand Drawn Font
  33. Balloons Beautifully Fun Font
  34. Literally Youthful & Fun Handwritten Font
  35. Mysterio Fun & Playful Font
  36. Mozarella Fun Font Made By Original Handwriting
  37. Apple Juice Super Cute Simple Font
  38. Dandelion Fun Handwritten Font
  39. Holiday Budapest Playful Display Font
  40. Larys Manice Bold & Fun Font
  41. Metro Capitals Fun Handwritten Font
  42. Bonny Fresh & Fun Modern Script With Alternates
  43. Vitamin Sea Fun & Smooth Handwritten Font
  44. Genty Fun, Vibrant & Bold Rounded Typeface with Swashes
  45. Hello Bird Fun Display Font
  46. Reality Fun Handwritten Font
  47. Choko Milky Fun and Bold Cursive Font
  48. Tutti Frutti Fun & Playful Hand-lettered Bold Typeface
  49. Butter Spoky Fun Display Typeface
  50. Elementary Fun Handwritten Font
  51. Reactivo Fun & Friendly Display Font
  52. High Jinks Fun & Whimsical Font
  53. Wink Bold & Fun Handwritten Font
  54. Darthon! Fun Ballpoint Font
  55. Mighty Mountain Hand-Drawn, Interlocking Font
  56. Bujor Cute Handlettered Font
  57. Morning Cake Simple & Fun Font
  58. Baby Pumpkin Bold Handwritten Font
  59. Backpacker Fun & Playful Display Font
  60. Chery Rush Fun & Smooth Display Font
  61. Mint Chocolate Quirky and Fun Font Duo
  62. Cool Baby Fun Family Font
  63. Peachy Fun Handwritten Font in All Caps
  64. Good Day Unique Robotic Fun Display Font
  65. MacGuffin Set of 4 Fun Fonts
  66. Cnossus Powerful Bold Fun Font
  67. Magicdust Fun Handwritten Font
  68. Really Better Fun & Cute Display Font
  69. Alkaria Vintage Retro Decorative Font
  70. Joyful Fun Handwritten All Caps Font
  71. Jellly Bean Script & Sans Fun Fonts
  72. Loosy Brush Fun Calligraphy Font
  73. Lovely Puppy Fun & Playful Font Duo
  74. Watermelon Chunky Bold Font
  75. Haybasket Fun Handwritten Font
  76. Wayago Quirky Fun Sans Serif Font
  77. Hello Day Cute & Fun Typeface
  78. SEPAL Multi Flavoured, Fun Loving Fonts (10 Font Styles)
  79. Nina Ninut Fun Handwritten Script Font
  80. Geyalu Playful, Relaxed & Fun Display Font
  81. Danki Playful Gaming Font
  82. Lemon Drop Fun & Quirky Handwritten Font
  83. Laout Beauty Playful & Adaptable Display Font
  84. Dirty Martini Fun & Whimsical Font
  85. Leafy Plant Fun Sans Typeface
  86. Haunted House Handwritten Fun Font
  87. Dino Jumps Fun & Attractive Display Playful Font
  88. Garlic Butter Fun Little Font with Alternates
  89. Bomb Diggity Whimsical, Youthful Font
  90. Boardwalk Fun Handwritten Font

Installing Fonts on Your Computer

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Best 100 Fun Fonts and Typefaces