Best Squarespace templates for artists creating a website

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Are you an artist that wants a website for your artwork?  Maybe you want to sell your artwork.  Or maybe you are using your website to help get you jobs.

Whatever the reason, it is important for artists to have websites.  It is the perfect place to show off your work.

And since you need it to help your career, you need your website to look as professional as possible. But you probably don’t want to spend lots of money having someone design your website and lots of money each month for them to maintain your website.

That is probably why you want to start a Squarespace website for your artwork.  Squarespace websites make it easy for anyone to create their own website even if they don’t have experience doing this.  And you don’t need to know anything about coding or computer science to do it.

If you want to make creating a website for your art with Squarespace even easier, you can purchase a template.  A template is a great way to quickly and easily create your own website.  You just plug in your information and pictures to a template that is already designed for artists.

So we created our list of the best Squarespace templates out there for artists.

  1. Spring Squarespace Template for Creatives & Artists
  2. Squarespace Template: Pink & Navy for Handmade Artists
  3. Squarespace Template – KINLOCH – For Visual Artists
  4. Indie Studio Squarespace Template
  5. Japandi Squarespace 7.1 Template for Artists, Interior Design Studios, Business Owners, and Shops
  6. Uluwatu Squarespace 7.1 Template – for artists, photographers & filmmakers
  7. Squarespace Template: Solange Art
  8. Kyoto Squarespace 7.1 Template – perfect for artists, photographers, bloggers, interior designers, graphic designers
  9. Winnie – Squarespace 7.0 – Great for artists, makers, and service-based businesses
  10. Modern & Artistic Squarespace Template: Unearth

Creating an Artist Website with WordPress

Squarespace is a great choice for beginners to create an artist website.  But another great choice for creating a website for your art is WordPress.  We are big fans of WordPress here at Website Tips & Tutorials.  We actually built this website using WordPress.

Here are some helpful links if you decide to use WordPress instead of Squarespace to create a website for your art: