WordPress plugin WPLegal Pages for terms, conditions, privacy policy, cookies, age consent, etc.

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If you run a website or blog, you’re going to need to protect yourself legally.  Even if your business is just you, it doesn’t matter.  There are a lot of policies you need to include on your website.

Contacting a lawyer to help you is great, but if you are looking to bypass that and you use WordPress, then consider getting WPLegalPages Pro.  This is the premier legal page generator plugin for WordPress.  It is popular because not only it is easy to use, but it also covers a lot of different policies you’ll need.

And when I say easy, I mean you enter in your business details, click save and then boom!  You can have over 25 legal policy pages.

Another great reason to use this plugin rather than come up with the terms yourself is that this way, you won’t have to keep up with changes in compliance rules.  The latest policy changes are updated based on your type of business.

Some of the privacy policy page that the plugin will generate for you are:

Terms and Conditions

You can get terms & conditions for users on your website or blog generated for you with this plugin.

Privacy Policy

This helps you comply with GDPR and is great for any website or app that collects and stores data.  This is important if you have visitors on your website from the European Union.  Though if you want to be totally compatible with GDPR, you should also get this.

California Privacy Rights

If you sell to California customers, you’ll need this.

Children’s Online Privacy Policy (COPPA)

This is something you’ll definitely need if your audience is for kids ages 13 years old and younger.

Age Verification

You’ll need this if you have adult content on your website or sell or promote vaping.  It will allow only those adults that are at least 18 years old to access your website content after they consent.

Cookie Policy

This is great for websites and apps that collect and store data in browser cookies.  It shows a list of 3rd party cookies, their privacy links & the opt-out links.

Affiliate Agreement

If you make money with your website or blog with an affiliate program, then you’ll need a disclosure on your website.  This plugin will generate that for you.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

If you run are an Amazon affiliate, this plugin will generate an Amazon affiliate disclosure for you.

Returns & Refunds Policy

If you sell products, you’ll need a refund policy, and this plugin will give you that.

Digital Goods Refunds Policy

Even if you don’t sell physical goods, you’ll need a refund policy if you sell digital goods.

Medical Disclaimer Template

If you give free medical advice on your website, you’ll need this.

Earnings Disclaimer

Any website or app that promotes products, strategies, services and/or programs to help users make money will want an Earnings Disclaimer.

Newsletter Subscription Policy

Have a newsletter?  Get a newspaper subscription policy with this plugin.

Anti Spam Policy

If your website or app provides mass email or other messaging service, you’ll need an Anti Spam Policy.

Facebook Privacy Policy

You’ll want this Facebook Privacy Policy if you run Facebook ads or you use Facebook login or widgets on your website.

Forced Content on Page/Post

You can get anyone who visits your website to agree to your terms, conditions, privacy policy, etc. using lock down options with this plugin.  This works on both WordPress pages and posts.

You can customize them, too, after they are generated, which is good because every business is different.  You may want your terms & conditions, for instance, to address something that is not already included.  Or you may want the return policy to be different if you have a specific returns policy.

Basically, this plugin will save you a lot of time getting started with these forms and then you will have the freedom to make it what you need for your business.