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Email marketing campaigns are a wonderful way to keep visitors coming back to your website and blog and making more money through sales, affiliate sales, etc.  And one way you can make sure your email marketing campaign is a success is by increasing the number of emails on your email list.  Because it stands to reason that the larger the number of emails you have on your email list, the higher the reach will be every time you send out a newsletter, announcement, etc.

So how do you increase the number of emails you have on your email list?  One popular way to do this is by incentivizing someone to sign up for your email.  You can do this by offering something free, whether it is something you send people or a free downloadable PDF.  You can also give away a free course or webinar.  Or you can incentivize your customers with a weekly newsletter about a topic you know people are interested in, such as healthy recipes or weight loss tips.  But whatever you do, you’ll want to create a landing page that you can share to people that motivate people to sign up.  You can create some really amazing ones with ConvertKit, a great email marketing company.

But once you create it, what are the best ways to promote it?  Today, we’ll go over 50 different ways you can share your landing page.  This will then help you get more email signups – and then more sales – and then more profits!

Links on Your Website or Blog

If you already have a website or blog, then it makes sense to use the space you already have to advertise your URL link.

  1. Add a popup option advertising your landing page (For example, a box could appear that says “Sign up here if you want a free printable about organizing your closet!).
  2. Add the link to your menu.  For example, put the word “Free Ecourse” as one of your menu options.
  3. Add the link in the Sidebar of your website.  You could have a message like “Click here for a free travel checklist!” if that’s what you’re giving away.
  4. Add the link to the footer of your website.
  5. Add the link to an “About Us” Page.
  6. Add the link to your “Contact Us” Page.
  7. Organically work the link into your existing blog entries (for example, if you’re giving away a PDF printable that gives away a minimalist packing guide, find all of your past blog entries about minimalist travel, and work in a link that way).
  8. Make your own banners and them to your website.  This is an especially good idea if you already have banners on your website because you do affiliate marketing.
  9. Add a Chatbox (such as ActiveChat) to your website where the chatbox can invite the customer to the landing page (for example, your Chatbox could say Hi There! Would you like to take a free email course about how to make your own eco friendly candles?).

Social Media

In addition to adding links to your own website or blog, you can share your link through social media.

  1. You can tweet the URL of your landing page
  2. Put the link in your Twitter profile
  3. You can make a Facebook post where you share your landing page URL
  4. Add a link to your landing page as part of your Facebook banner
  5. Mention it in a Facebook Live video.
  6. Mention in a live stream on YouTube.
  7. Add a link to your landing page in your Instagram profile
  8. Use Linktree to create an Instagram profile link that links to multiple pages, including your landing page
  9. Add your link to an Instagram Story
  10. Make a pin on Pinterest about your landing page.  You can always include a description of what you’ll be giving away or what they’ll get out of it as part of the banner (for example, Get a Free Small Business Checklist!).
  11. Add a link in the description of a YouTube Video
  12. If your blog is directed towards business or professionals, then you can share your landing page on your Linkedin Page


You can also pay to advertise your landing page

  1. Make a Google ad linking to your landing page
  2. Create a Bing ad linking to your landing page; I have actually had more success advertising on Bing than Google.
  3. Make a Yahoo ad linking to your landing page
  4. Create a Facebook ad for your landing page
  5. Make a Facebook Messenger ad for your landing page (see here for more information about Facebook Messenger Ads).
  6. Buy a Twitter ad to promote your landing page
  7. Make a Linkedin sponsored ad to share your landing page
  8. Make a YouTube ad where you promote your landing page
  9. Create a Promoted Pin where the pin links to your landing page (be sure to make it clear that an email address will be required for whatever you’re giving away, as Pinterest wants Promoted Pins for landing pages to be as transparent as possible)
  10. Make a SnapChat ad that links to your landing page
  11. Create an Instagram Ad to promote your landing page

Guest Posting, Hosting, Etc.

Another way to get the word out about your landing page is not through your own blog, social media accounts, but on someone else’s instead.  Activities like guest posting on someone’s blog is common in the blogger world, and it’s a great way to expose your landing page to a whole new audience (who can then become your audience, too!).

  1. Write a guest post on a blog and link to your landing page as part of the guest post.  For example, let’s say you have a blog about baking, and you are giving away a printable with free cookie recipes.  If you are writing a guest post on a lifestyle blog and you mention baking cookies, you could give a link to your landing page and mention the free printable you’re giving away.  Now you’ve just shared your landing page with a whole new audience: the readers of the blog you are guest posting on!
  2. Become a guest on a Podcast and share your landing page link that way.
  3. Appear on someone else’s YouTube channel as a chance to share your landing page URL
  4. Contact other bloggers and get your landing page URL on a blog’s newsletter
  5. Appear on someone else’s Instagram Live to share your landing page link
  6. Appear on someone else’s Facebook Live to share your landing page link
  7. Take over another brand’s SnapChat for the day and give a link that way

Personal Messaging

You can also try the more direct way of sending personal messages letting people know about your landing page campaign.

  1. Send text messages to friends, family and acquaintances letting them know about your landing page – remember, they could be customers, too, depending on what you’re selling, or could be readers to your blog.
  2. Send Twitter messages to followers.
  3. Write Facebook messages to Facebook friends or followers.
  4. Send messages to customers you’ve already interacted with through What’s App.
  5. Add it to your signature so if someone emails you a question, when you respond they’ll see it in your signature.

Put it in your Print Advertising

If you’ve ever used printing advertising, or have thought about using print advertising, then this is another good way to share your URL with customers or potential customers.

  1. Include the landing page URL and the offer on postcards, which you can get at a discounted price through here.
  2. Put it in your brochures, which you can get at a discounted price through here.
  3. Add the link to your door hangers, which you can get a discounted price through here.
  4. Feature the link in a flyer, which you can order at discounted price through here.
  5. Put it on rack cards, which you can distribute through local businesses, and order them for a discounted price through here.
  6. Feature the link in a poster, which you can buy at a discount rate through here.


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