Learn how you can turn your love of crocheting into a profitable business

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If you have a passion for crocheting, then why don’t you turn what you love into a business by starting a crochet business?  After all, isn’t it the dream to be paid doing what you loved?

And there are actually many different paths you can go with crocheting.  Here are 3 different business models.  You could find one you like, or you could do all three!  And you can do them all from home!

1. Have a YouTube Channel: One way to make your love of crochet into a business would be to have a YouTube Channel.  You could make videos instructing others how to crochet, giving tips, etc.  You could then run Google Ads on your YouTube channel and you would make money that way.  To get started, you’ll need to get a good camera that can tape you crocheting (here are some good deals on cameras) and video editing software (there’s a great deal on video editing software).

2. Have a Blog: Similar to a YouTube Channel, you could write a blog where you share tips, recommendations, etc. about crocheting.  You could use WordPress to do your blog (We give a non-technical guide to starting WordPress here – so it’s totally okay if you have no experience blogging).  You will need a website host to do this.  Good web hosts for WordPress with low prices would be BlueHost, A2 & SiteGround – they often have great deals running, so check it out to get the best price (one may have a deal that’s just too good to refuse!).  You can then earn money by either running Google Ads or doing affiliate marketing – I go into details about how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners here.

3. Sell Your Crochet Items: Switching to a different business model, you could also make money by selling your beautiful crochet items!  A great way to do that would be set up your own store on Shopify.  Shopify is a wonderful way to do this for total beginners because they make the whole process a lot easier.  Not only do you not need to have any experience to set up a shop, but they also have tons of resources to walk you through the whole thing.  And an awesome thing about Shopify is that they have tools that will allow you to not only sell your items on your own store, but also through Etsy, Google Shopping, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – all through one place, which makes it so much easier!  Just start their free trial and let them help you walk through it!