How to keep up with the top 2024 social media trends

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Can you believe 2024 is finally here?  We’ve got the whole year ahead of us, which is very exciting.  And for us business owners or social media content creators, it means we can make this year the very best.

One of the ways to do is to make sure we are keeping up with all the latest trends in social media.  After all, social media is changing so quickly.  And if you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.

But here’s how you don’t let that happen.  You become aware of the latest trends, and you make sure you are taking the proper steps to ensure you are keeping up.  So we’ll go over 7 top social media trends of 2024 and then give you a tip on how to keep up!

#1: Using AI to Write Social Media Posts

A HootSuite survey shows that marketers plan on using AI even more in 2024 for social media tasks.  This includes an increase in producing posts from scratch and editing and rewriting texts.

Doing this can save you a lot of time.  I know for me personally one thing that takes me the longest when creating say new videos on YouTube or a new pin on pinterest is writing the descriptions, determining the hashtags, etc.

How to Keep Up

Don’t let your competitors start outposting you because they’re using AI and you’re not.  You can take advantage of this trend as well.

We tell you how to get AI to write your descriptions and pick your hashtags for YouTube videos here.

We tell you about Tailwind Ghostwriter here, which can help you write captions for not only YouTube but Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well.

#2: Using AI to Create Images

This is a bit of an extension of the last point.  AI is clearly going to be a driving force for all marketers this year, isn’t it?

One of those that I’ve embraced lately is using AI to create images.  It took me awhile to get the hang of it and figure out what to ask as a prompt.  But now, I love using it.  It really does save me time.  Rather than waste a lot of time looking for a picture that somewhat fits what I am writing about or what I want my post to be, AI can do that for me in a fraction of the time.  And often, that picture fits what I want so much better.

How to Keep Up

ContentPresso is a product that allows you to generate AI images.  It creates images in the style of everything from realistic images to anime to ink paintings to surreal.  You can currently purchase a lifetime deal for ContentPresso for 85% off.  This is a really good deal because as AI image creating gets more popular, prices are going to become higher.  And then you’ll find yourself paying a monthly payment that is higher than what you would have paid now for this lifetime deal.

#3: More Customer Service on Social Media

Social media teams should be spending more of their time on customer service this year.  This is important since people tend to like social media accounts that engage back with them.

How to Keep Up

BitAssist is a great tool to use if you want to do a better job in 2024 connecting with your customers on social media.  With just one button, you can connect with customers on over 20 different social channels including Instagram and Facebook.  And BitAssist is also on sale for 48% off.

#4: Using TikTok

TikTok is growing in popularity, especially among young users.  If you’re not already utilizing TikTok, then it’s time to start.

How to Keep Up

If you want to jump into TikTok, then check out this TikTok Marketing Guide (it is on sale, too!).  Here’s another TikTok tool (it’s pretty cheap, too).

#5: Using User-Generated Content

As AI continues to grow, it’s only natural that people are going to start yearning for authenticity.  AI may save everyone time, but there’s nothing like an actual real person vouching for a product.

How to Keep Up

So you may have happy customers.  But the question is how do you get them to create a testimonial for you, especially say a video testimonial so prospective customers can put a face to the review?

Senja is a great tool to use for this.  Senja helps you create a form in just thirty seconds. You can send or embed this form anywhere.  Customers can fill it out and upload their videos.  These videos you could then upload to your social media accounts and that would add authenticity to your social media accounts.

#6: More Short Form Videos

Short-form videos have been on the rise recently, and that trend should continue.  These are videos that are under sixty seconds and ideally between eleven and seventeen seconds.  Basically, people’s attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter (so congrats on the fact you’re still reading this!), so our social media content should reflect this.

How to Keep Up

Pinreel is a great tool to create short videos.  They’ve got lots of templates so you can easily create reels for TikTok & Instagram with their story maker & animator.  So this way, you’ll be able to increase how much you are posting in 2024 – and you’ll be increasing your content with the right kind of content.  Oh – and Pinreel is on sale for 84% off!

#7: Emphasis On Keyword Search for Social Media

Google has been the name for quite awhile when it comes to the place people go when they want to search things.  But things are changing, especially for younger people.  A study shows that almost half of Generation Z is using TikTok and Instagram when they want to do a search rather than Google.

So what does this mean?  This means that us social media content creators really need to focus on keyword searching and SEO for our social media posts.  This could be more important than Google.

How to Keep Up

Be vigilant on making sure your posts contain great keywords.  You can find some great SEO and keyword research tools here.