How to use AI to save time when creating YouTube videos

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Do you create YouTube videos?  Perhaps you are a vlogger.  Maybe you run a YouTube channel for your business or company.  Maybe your YouTube channel is a part of your influencer business.

Whatever the reason, I am sure you would love to save time when creating your videos.  It would be so easy if your main focus could just be creating the videos.  But so much more work than that goes into it.  You have to create a title, you have to write a description, and so on.

But what if there was an easier way to do this?  What if you used AI to help you create some of the extra stuff that wastes so much time?

Well, you can do just that with Taja.


Taja is a great AI platform that is specifically designed for YouTube videos.  Taja users have reported that it has saved YouTubers 45 minutes per video!

So how does Taja save them that much time?  By doing all the SEO research for you!  They do the SEO research and use it create great titles for your videos.  They also come up with precise SEO tags and descriptions.  I know for me personally, that that part of publishing videos (coming up with tags, SEO-friendly descriptions, etc.) has slowed me down.  So this truly is a wonderful feature.

But that’s not all.  They also automatically segments videos into chapters.  That way, your content will be neatly organized but you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself.

Now, perhaps you don’t always trust robots doing this work for you.  Maybe you don’t like the idea of publishing it without knowing being able to preview it for yourself so you can make any changes you see necessary.  Well, with Taja’s Live Preview, you can still view it yourself before you publish it.

Taja Discount Price

It just so happens, too, that you are looking for Taja just at the right time.  You can currently get a lifetime subscription for Taja at a discounted price here.  You’ll save a whopping 77% on your subscription!  You’ll only have to pay $49, and it’s a one-time payment, too, since it is a lifetime subscription.