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Using Photo Overlays for Christmas Pictures

Using a Christmas overlay is an easy, fun and effective way to add a holiday look to your photos and images – even if they weren’t holiday themed in the first place!

A photo overlay is when you put a second image on top of your original image (you can do this using photo editing software, like Photoshop).  This can add special effects to your original image.

For example, you can make it look as if there is falling snow. Or that Santa’s arm is reaching out and giving a present to the subjects of your photo. Or that the entire scene in your photo is being viewed through a snow covered window. You get the idea!

Photo overlays can also decorative elements with a seasonal touch, like a border of snowflakes, or Christmas colored bokeh effects (blurry points of light) that look like holiday lights.

If you’re looking for the best Christmas overlay for Photoshop to use in your next creative project, then you’re definitely going to want to look through our top 60 list! They include Christmas, holiday and winter overlays perfect for graphic design for your blog images, social media posts (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) or personal use.

Top 60 Christmas Overlays for Photoshop

  1. 1000+ Winter & Christmas Overlays Bundle (Currently On Sale!)
  2. Christmas Confetti Premium Overlays
  3. 100 Christmas Fairy Light Overlays
  4. Christmas Stars Gold Bokeh Overlays
  5. 100 Merry Christmas Photo Overlays Design Bundle
  6. Christmas Trees Lights Overlays
  7. Digital Reinder Overlays with Bonus Christmas Tree Farm Background Included
  8. 60 Christmas Gold Bokeh Overlays
  9. Wintery Ice or Snow Covered Window Frames Overlays
  10. 22 Pine Tree Branch Overlays & 4 Christmas Tree Shoot Throughs
  11. 20 Snow Overlays for Adobe Photoshop
  12. Flying Santa Overlays
  13. 70 Christmas Light Bokeh Photo Overlays
  14. 20 Christmas Photo Overlays
  15. Realistic Christmas Tree Overlay and Lights, Bokeh, Sparkles & Swirl Collection
  16. December Scenes Wintery Scenery Photo Overlays
  17. 130 Christmas Photo Overlays Megapack with Snow, Glitter, Christmas Sparklers, More
  18. 30 Snow and Bokeh Photo Overlays
  19. Magic Lights Overlays with Gift Lifts, Book Lights & Christmas Lights Overlays
  20. Natural Looking Snow Winter Wonderland Bundle with Snow Overlays, Photoshop Actions & Brushes
  21. Santa Claus Hand Overlays with Santa’s Hand Holding Candy Cane, Lollipop, Bag of Presents, Individually Wrapped Gift, Ornament, More
  22. 600+ Winter & Christmas Overlays Huge Pack with Christmas Trees Overlays, Christmas Glow & More
  23. 120+ Christmas Light Leaks Photo Overlays
  24. Christmas Unique Shadow Overlays
  25. 40 Flame Overlays for Fireplaces, Christmas Campfires, Bonfires
  26. Christmas Sky 30 Santa View from Window Photo Overlays
  27. Christmas Magic 56 Creative Photo Overlays with Holiday Sparklers & Bokeh Effects
  28. Winter Pack of Fog, Snowflakes & Lights Photoshop Overlays
  29. Christmas Bundle of 55 Photo Overlays with Christmas Frames, Christmas Tree Branches, Word Art & More
  30. Reindeer Kisses Overlay
  31. 50 Realistic Snow Professional Photo Overlays
  32. 60 Christmas Bokeh Light Overlays
  33. 330 Christmas Overlays Including Blowing Snow Kisses, Gold Glitter, Falling Confetti & More
  34. Hand Drawn Christmas Overlays Cliparts and Quotes in 4 Color Schemes Using Combinations of Gold, Grey & White
  35. Christmas Garlands 42 Creative Holiday Photo Overlays
  36. Christmas Window Pane Overlays
  37. 41 Christmas Creative Bokeh Overlays
  38. 10 Magic Shine Book & Box Overlays
  39. Christmas Mix Pack with 106 Overlays
  40. Silver and Moon Winter Photoshop Bundle of Overlays & Actions
  41. 100 Snowflake, Snow Border & Snow Weather Overlays
  42. Thru the Pines 72 Creative Christmas Tree Branches Photo Overlays
  43. Christmas Word Art Set Overlays with It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Let It Snow
  44. Christmas Santa Arm Overlays
  45. 110 Christmas Set Overlays
  46. Snow Magic Wintry Overlays
  47. 16 Christmas Holiday Text Overlays Including Merry & Bright, Love, Peace, Joy, Happy New Year & More
  48. Festive String Lights Overlays
  49. 25 Christmas Bokeh Overlays
  50. Christmas Frames Holiday Photo Overlays
  51. Winter Photo Overlays
  52. 150 Bright Christmas Photoshop Overlays
  53. Santa Claus Overlays for Photoshop Collection
  54. Snowflake Frames Winter Photo Overlays
  55. Santa Overlay for Photoshop
  56. 500 Magic Snow Light Leak Professional Photo Overlays
  57. All the Colors of Christmas Bokeh Light Overlays
  58. 40 Creative Christmas Bokeh Photo Overlays
  59. 10 Blowing Snow Photoshop Overlays
  60. Gold Christmas Overlays Holiday Word Art Including Merry Everything, Christmas Blessings, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas It’s The Best Time of the Year, More

Other Christmas Graphic Design Ideas

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