The advantages of disadvantages of Tailwind Ghostwriter

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When I first started using Tailwind years ago, I only used it for Pinterest – specifically, for scheduling pins (and looking at the Tailwind analytics for said pins).

Since then, Tailwind has added numerous features. I’ve previously talked about the Tailwind Create feature, which automatically generates dozens of pin options.

But today I want to discuss one of their most recent features: Tailwind Ghostwriter.

Tailwind Ghostwriter is an AI tool that, well, writes things for you. You can use it for a lot of different things, including:

  1. YouTube Video Script Outline
  2. Facebook Post from an Article or Blog
  3. Tweet
  4. LinkedIn Post from a Blog or Article
  5. Editing Content to Make it Easier to Read
  6. Headline for an Article or Blog Post
  7. Google Ad
  8. Instagram Caption
  9. Introductory Paragraph for a Blog Post or Article
  10. Email Subject Line

And that’s not an extensive list. You can even use it to generate an entire blog entry or article!

In case you’re wondering, no, this blog entry was not written by Tailwind Ghostwriter!

Actually, so far, I’ve used Tailwind Ghostwriter to write Pinterest pin descriptions. And today, I’d like to share the advantages and disadvantages of using Tailwind Ghostwriter.


  1. Your pin descriptions will be different. Chances are, your writing style is not identical to that of Tailwind Ghostwriter. And it’s likely that it will use some new phrases or a slightly different angle than you’ve used in your previous pin descriptions. So this gives you a chance potentially to show up in different searches on Pinterest and maybe connect with new Pinterest users.
  2. It’s a time saver! Have you ever struggled to come up with yet another pin description? Or maybe it’s the first pin you’ve made for a blog entry, but you’re just not even sure where to start with the description. Well, being able to generate a description automatically is a quick way to end your writer’s block. Plus, you’ll know that it will fit under the 500 character limit. And of course, saving time with descriptions gives you more time to work on other things (or more time to relax outside of work!).
  3. It’s included in a Tailwind subscription. Instead of having to buy a subscription just for AI capabilities, Tailwind Ghostwriter is included in every Tailwind plan. This makes Tailwind a great option if you’d like to take advantage of numerous tools, not just AI writing. With Tailwind, you get:
    • Tailwind Ghostwriter
    • Social Media Scheduling to Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
    • Tailwind Create for designing social media posts
    • Tailwind Communities, where you can share pins with other Tailwind users in your niche
    • Email Marketing


  1. Quality is a little inconsistent. The very first time I used Tailwind Ghostwriter, I was blown away by the three descriptions generated. They sounded great – not how I would phrase it, but totally accurate for the blog entry associated with the pin. Since then, though, I have not always had such great success. Some descriptions are better fit than others. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Some details in the description are inaccurate. I highly recommend reading over the descriptions before you use them. The details are not pulled word-for-word from your blog entry… which means some of the phrases or terms used can be misleading or just flat-out wrong. For instance, a description referenced “locally sourced ingredients,” but that was never mentioned in the blog entry. Another description included the phrase “minimal effort,” but the blog entry never said or implied that only minimal effort would be needed. So keep an eye out for terms that sound nice but may not actually describe your subject matter.
  3. If you don’t like a description and want to try again, you’ll have to use another credit. You see, each piece of content you generate counts as one Ghostwriter credit. And if you have to spend more than one credit on your descriptions, you might start going through them quickly. Speaking of credits…
  4. All plans have a limited number of Ghostwriter credits. Whether you have a free or paid plan, you’ll have a limited number of times you can use Tailwind Ghostwriter a month. This ranges from 10 times a month for the free plan to 500 times a month for the most expensive plan (the Max plan, which is designed for up to 5 users and up to 3 Pinterest accounts). This may be enough (or more than enough) for your needs. But if you do a lot of writing and want to use Ghostwriter in many different ways, then you may reach that monthly limit. Additionally, you may feel pressure near the end of the month to “use up” your credits before they disappear, since it starts over at the beginning of each month. (Please note that the month relates to your billing calendar and not the actual calendar.)

Alternatives to Tailwind Ghostwriter

If you’re interested in an AI service for writing pin descriptions (and more), then Tailwind Ghostwriter is not your only option.

The following are AI writing tools you can use for writing pin descriptions as well as social media captions, blog post outlines, etc. You can use them either as an alternative to Tailwind Ghostwriter or in addition to the Tailwind AI writing tool. (In fact, using multiple AI writing tools can be helpful when you’ve got writer’s block and really need the right inspiration or starting point for a project.)


OneUp is a social media scheduler that allows you to schedule posts to Pinterest, as well as other social media channels (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc). And OneUp offers an “Auto-generate caption” feature that uses AI to write a caption for the posts you schedule.

OneUp offers a variety of plans, including a free plan. You can sign up for OneUp here.


Canva is a popular graphic design tool that we at Website Tips & Tutorials use every day. One of their newer features is Magic Write, which is an AI writing tool. Like with Tailwind Ghostwriter, you can use Magic Write in a variety of ways: from headlines and social media captions to essay outlines and even blog entries (up to around 500 words per use).

Magic Write is included in every Canva plan, but you do have a limit of uses. The free plan allows 25 uses total, while Canva Pro will give you 250 uses per month.

Even without Magic Write, we would recommend Canva Pro. You can find out about some of our favorite Canva Pro features here. And you can sign up for Canva here (either a free or a paid account).


ChatGPT is a way to ask a variety of questions about many subjects. And they don’t have to be questions; they can be commands/requests. In terms of social media, you can type something like “Write a Facebook caption for” and then add the URL of a blog post. ChatGPT will generate a Facebook caption that also includes a few emojis and hashtags. Of course, you’re not limited to Facebook; you can do this for other social media platforms, including Pinterest.

So far, the responses I’ve gotten for Pinterest pin descriptions seem a little more like generic social media than those from Tailwind Ghostwriter, which really do sound specifically like Pinterest (including a length that is closer to that 500 character limit). However, at this time the free version of ChatGPT does not appear to have any monthly limits the way Tailwind Ghostwriter and Canva Magic Write do. (ChatGPT does have an hourly limit, but this should still give you far more opportunities for use than with Tailwind and Canva.)

You can try ChatGPT here.


Tailwind Ghostwriter can be a helpful tool for creating Pinterest pin descriptions, as well as a variety of other types of content. And the Pinterest descriptions crafted by Tailwind Ghostwriter are well suited for Pinterest – not surprisingly, since Tailwind has been an expert in the Pinterest industry for years. While Tailwind Ghostwriter does have some limitations, I don’t think they are enough to keep someone from trying Tailwind Ghostwriter.

Instead, I strongly recommend that you give Tailwind a try. Sign up for the Free Forever plan, or give the Pro plan a try (it’s just $19.99 a month, or cheaper if you want to commit to paying a year at a time). It’s a wonderful way to see how Ghostwriter (as well as Tailwind’s other features) work for you and your business, brand, or blog.