Find out what the top Instagram trends for 2020 are

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Top 7 Instagram Trends of 2020

2020 is here, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to best use Instagram.  Whether you are an influencer, blogger, business owner, virtual assistant, etc., Instagram is a great social media platform to grow your business.  But what worked in 2019 may not be the same as what worked in 2020.

But don’t worry!  We’re going to be going over the top Instagram trends for the upcoming year.  And we’ll give you tips on how you can use these trends to make more money in 2020!

1. More Videos

I know I posted more videos in 2019 on Instagram than I did in 2018.  And this trend isn’t limited to me, and it will grow in 2020.  So if you want to be relevant with your Instagram in 2020, make sure you are posting videos, too!

Unsure of what to do for Instagram videos?  Then perhaps you should consider using Biteable.  They have great Instagram templates that will make it a lot easier for you to create an Instagram video.  They have affordable plans with 800,000+ premium clips you can use.  Which can get you a lot of great Instagram video posts!

2. More Posts

Have you noticed that Instagram has stopped showing likes?  This has already happened in Canada and Australia and is happening soon here in the United States.  There are many reasons for this, including helping teens with self-esteem.  But one of the reasons is that when influencers and business accounts worry so much about likes, they tend to post less.  And Instagram doesn’t want that.  They want people to post more.  And if you want Instagram to value your account and show your posts more, you want to do what they like, right?

So I urge you to post more next year!  Here are some ideas for Instagram posts if you are stumped.  And if you worry about this taking too much time, you can use Tailwind to schedule your posts in advance.  That way you don’t have to work your Instagram every day.

3. Longer Captions

The length of captions has more than doubled since 2016!  So even through Instagram is primarily about the picture, you can use your captions, too, to help your brand awareness.  You can use it to reiterate points made in your blogs.  Or to relate personal stories so people feel more connected to you.  Another benefit is that the longer someone looks at your post, the better it will do in Instagram’s algorithm.

The only real negative to this is that it does mean you’ll spend more time on your Instagram posts.  But you can save time by writing long captions and getting your Instagram posts together in advance.  If you use Tailwind, then you can schedule out your Instagram posts.  And this is great, because as I said earlier, you want to post more to Instagram, not less!

4. More IGTV Series

Have you ever done an IGTV Series on Instagram?  It is a relatively new feature of Instagram.  It is a way to do an ongoing video series separate from your other content.

You can organize your videos on a separate page.  You can put a badge with the series name on it to separate it from other IGTV videos.  And when someone watches an episode in the series, the next episode will then automatically be recommended.  Viewers are now able to binge-watch their favorite IGTV series and they can subscribe to notifications for new episodes.

So, if you’ve already done an IGTV series, then do more in 2020!  It is only just starting to grow in popularity.  And if you haven’t done one before, start thinking about what topic you’d like to do for an IGTV Series.  Once again, Biteable can help you create Instagram video templates.

5. More Instagram Stories

Have you ever posted an Instagram Story?  Instagram Stories allow you to post multiple photos and videos and they’ll only appear for 24 hours. Instagram Stories started in 2016 and its popularity has really increased.  Now, more than half a million people use it every day.

And these Instagram stories are effective, too.  Per a Facebook study, 62% of people became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in an Instagram Story.  So if you haven’t done this yet, this is definitely something you’re going to want to do in 2020.  And if you’ve already done it, you may want to do it more in 2020.  So check out our guide to using Instagram Stories for business.

6. More Focus on Sales

Instagram has often been used in the past to generate awareness, buzz, and loyalty for a brand.  But now you can be using Instagram more directly make sales.  That is because now you can use Instagram Shopping where you can sell items directly from your Instagram.  And sales from Instagram have been increasing for businesses as more people become used to using Instagram for shopping.

Now, what if you don’t sell products but you do affiliate marketing?  You can use Instagram to make sales by adding good affiliate links in your bio.  To do this, please check out our guide to adding multiple links to your Instagram bio.

7. More Interactive Content

There’s been a growing trend of interactive content lately.  It is a good way to increase engagement with your followers and help your overall brand.  Examples of this would be adding polls, quizzes or just asking questions.