Our list of the best Joomla car templates

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Do you have a car-related business?  Are you looking to create a website?  For example, you may own or may have been hired to create a website for a car dealership business.  Or maybe you run an auto shop or car repair service.  Perhaps you want to sell car parts online.  Maybe you want to start a website reporting on car news or car reviews.  Maybe your company offers roadside assistance and you want a website advertising this.  Or you run a car wash.

The point is, no matter what you want to use to create your new website, you may be looking at creating said website with Joomla.  Joomla is a great open source content management system.  You can find out how to get started with Joomla in our Joomla guide.

One thing you’ll learn about in this guide is the important of getting a Joomla template.  It makes creating a website with Joomla so much easier.  Especially if your theme directly relates to your website’s purpose.

So with that in mind, we came up with a list of the best car Joomla templates.  We hope you find the perfect one for your website here.

Best Joomla Templates

  1. Auto Club – Responsive Car Dealer Joomla Template
  2. Car Catalog – Automotive Template
  3. CandyCar – Joomla 5 Car Repair & Auto Services Template | Garage
  4. Auto Showroom – Car Dealership Joomla Template
  5. Mechanic Hub – Auto Mechanic & Car Repair Joomla 5 Template
  6. Sj AutoNews – Cars News, Cars Review
  7. Classic – Car Joomla Template
  8. AT Autospik – Car Store Template
  9. Service Station Joomla Template
  10. Autoseller – Car Dealer Template
  11. CarsFast – Responsive Cars Joomla Template
  12. LT Carmarket – Car Dealer Template
  13. Auto Care – Responsive Car Mechanic Joomla 5 Template
  14. Car Responsive Joomla Template
  15. ET Car Repair – Car Fixing Template
  16. Vehicle Booking – Car Rental Website
  17. Towy – Joomla 5 Auto Towing and Roadside Assistance Template
  18. Motors and Cars – Joomla Theme
  19. Procar – Car Services, Repair & Shop Joomla 5 Template
  20. Car Wash Joomla Template
  21. ZT Car Responsive Joomla Template
  22. Mr. Fix – Car Repair Service Business Joomla 5 Template
  23. AutoNews – Cars News, Cars Review Joomla Template
  24. AT Rental-Car Rental Joomla Template
  25. Car Repair Joomla Template
  26. Motorhomes – Car Dealer Template
  27. Vehicle Park – Car Rental Template
  28. LT Salon Car – Dealer Joomla!
  29. Repairly – Car Repair Company Joomla Template
  30. Car Dealer – Car Dealer Clean Joomla Template