Best Jewelry Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop Photo Editing

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Want to enhance your jewelry photography?

Maybe you want to make your own personal photos look amazing.

Or maybe you own or work in a jewelry related field. You might sell jewelry online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Perhaps you’re a jewelry blogger or influencer. You could offer jewelry repair and restoration services. Or maybe you’re a professional jewelry photographer.

If that’s the case, then you’ll want to make sure your jewelry images look fantastic for your eCommerce product listings, social media posts, catalogs, portfolios, print advertising and more.

Whatever your reasons, it’s easy to improve your jewelry pictures if you use a Lightroom preset. With just one click, you can adjust settings in your photos (like contrast or saturation), create a specific look (such as elegant or light and airy), emphasize certain colors and more.

And here at Website Tips & Tutorials, we’ve put together a list of the 25 top Lightroom presets for jewelry photography. Some are for specific types of jewelry (such as gold or silver), while others are more general. Take a look through these presets for Lightroom desktop and Lightroom mobile and find the filters that work best for your photos.

Best Jewelry Lightroom Presets

  1. Jewelry Lover Lightroom Presets For Mobile and Desktop
  2. 15 Jewelry Product Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets
  3. 12 Glamour Jewelry Lightroom Presets (Desktop and Mobile)
  4. Gold Jewelry Mini Pack of 6 LR Desktop & Mobile Presets
  5. 10 Bright Jewelry Mobile and Desktop Presets for Lightroom
  6. Jewelry Presets for Bloggers, Influencers & Photographers
  7. Silver Jewelry – 12 Unique Desktop and Mobile Lightroom Presets
  8. Jewelry – 12 Luxury Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets
  9. Rose Jewelry – 6 Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets
  10. Jewelry Custom Presets for Desktop and Mobile
  11. Gold and Skin – 6 Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop
  12. Jewelry – 10 Lightroom Presets for Bright, Colorful, Sunny, Brown and Beige Photos
  13. 14 Metal Jewelry Photography Presets for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop
  14. Jewelry – 10 Clean and Airy Lightroom Presets
  15. Gemstone Jewelry – 6 Lightroom and Photoshop Presets
  16. Jewellery – 9 Desktop and Mobile Lightroom Filters
  17. Bling – 5 Bright and Warm Desktop and Mobile LR Presets
  18. 20 Jewelry Pure and Clean Lightroom Preset Collection for Mobile and Desktop
  19. Bijoux – 8 Jewelry Lightroom Presets for Melanin Tones & All Skin Tones
  20. Sparkling Gems – 6 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets
  21. Jewelry – 16 Stylish, Minimalist Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets
  22. Luxury Shine – 12 Desktop and Mobile Lightroom Presets for Instagram Influencers, Photographers and Bloggers
  23. Jewelry – 4 Desktop Lightroom Presets
  24. Diamond Bright – 12 Mobile Presets
  25. Jewelry Gold Edition – 10 Lightroom Presets in Desktop and Mobile Formats