Thinking about starting a beauty blog? Here are ideas for your niche

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So you know you want a beauty blog.  This is a great idea; we go over how you can make money as a beauty blogger here.

But do you want to consider having more of a niche to your blog?  What I mean by that is giving your blog a more specific point of view.  While you can have a general beauty blog, sometimes going more specific can help you get a devoted group of readers who can keep coming back.  You can then send out emails letting these readers know about new blog entries with an email marketing service like ConvertKit and make money this way.

So today, we’ll go over 10 great ideas for a beauty blog.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Blog

The market for cruelty free-makeup is expected to grow by 6% in the next few years.  There are also a lot of online searches for it.  Basically, there are a lot of animal lovers out there who are willing to spend more money to make sure there makeup is cruelty free.  And by dedicated a blog just to cruelty free makeup, you could take advantage of this growing, passionate market.

Environmentally Friendly Beauty Blog

Similarly to how many people care about animals, a lot of people care about the environment.  Research shows customers are willing to spend more money on products if the brand promotes sustainability.  So if you have a blog about beauty products from environmentally conscious shoppers, you could achieve two things.  One, you could take advantage of an active, growing market.  And two, you could make affiliate sales from products that cost more money – which means higher profits for you.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics Blog

Food isn’t the only thing people want to be organic and natural these days.  There is a strong desire now for make-up to be natural and organic, too.  Since there’s a growing natural & organic cosmetics industry, now is the time to take advantage.  Focusing solely on natural and organic cosmetics solution could be a great way for you to grow a devoted group of readers.

Korean Skin Care Blog

The Korean skin care industry is projected to hit $13 billion in revenue by 2020.  So as you can see, this is a growing, profitable market.  There’s a lot of interest right now about Korean skincare routines.  So making your blog dedicated to tips, news, recommendations, reviews, etc. about Korean skin care could be quite profitable to you.

Luxury Skincare Blog

Luxury skincare products have recently broken records for their sales.  So that would mean there’s definitely interest out there for luxury skincare brands.  So a blog about luxury skincare would therefore be a great idea.

Dermocosmetics Blog

Did you know dermocosmetics is growing in popularity?  Did you even know dermocosmetics was a thing?  Well, if you’re not familiar with the term, it actually refers to products that combine a cosmetic benefit with a dermatological benefit.  They are products that help maintain or improve the health of skin and hair.  For example, they could moisturize dry skin, protect your skin for sun damage, treat dandruff, etc.  You could take advantage of this growing field by dedicated a blog to these type of products.

Hair Blog for Black Women

The black hair care industry is estimated to be worth more than $2.5 billion.  There are a lot of opportunities then to meet a demand by focusing your blog on hair products, tips, etc. for African American women.

Scalp Health Blog

With interest in scalp health increasing, this could be a topic you could cover.  You could recommend brands, review brands, give tips, etc.

Nail Care Blog

The nail care industry is a growing industry.  So focusing your blog solely on nail care could prove very beneficial to you.  You could give tips on the best ways to take of your nails.  You could write out tutorials or make videos (or both!).  To help you make affiliate sales, you could review and recommend specific nail care products.  You could also report on news in the nail care industry.  Basically, there are many ways you could go with this.

Anti Aging Beauty Blog

The desire for anti aging products has been around since, well, probably forever.  But this is still a growing industry.  People are always looking for new products, tips or tutorials on ways to look younger.  So focusing your blog on this topic could be very profitable for you.