How to start your own podcast about wrestling

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So you want to start a podcast.  The question is, what should you start your podcast about?

If you are interested in starting a podcast about wrestling, then this is a really good idea.  Wrestling is so popular that it will make it easier for you to grow your audience.

So the question then really becomes, how do you start a wrestling podcast?  That may seem too overwhelming to try if you’ve never created a podcast before.  But, don’t worry!  It’s a lot easier than you think, especially if you take it step by step.  Which we’re going to do in this blog entry.

#1: Decide Your Podcast’s Structure

So you already know your podcast is going to be about wrestling.  That’s a great first step.

But how will you structure your podcast?  Will it be just you?  Or will you have a co-host?  If you’d like a co-host, do you want permanent co-host(s) or do you want to have guest co-hosts?  These are all things you might want to think about before you start your podcasts.

Also, you know you want a podcast about professional wrestling.  But do you want to only talk about wrestling?  For example, you could have a podcast where you primarily talk about wrestling but also talk about other topics in the news, sports, or pop culture.  Or you could just stick to talking about professional wrestling.

You could also stick to talking about say news in the professional wrestling world.  Or you could highlight different wrestlers each week.

Really, the possibilities are ending since wrestling is such a fascinating topic with a lot of different things to discuss.  But this is the fun part.  Figuring out how your podcast will stand out and how you can put your own unique point of view into your product.  It’s exciting to think of what your podcast will become!

#2: Decide Your Podcast’s Name

Now that you know your podcast’s unique point of view, it’s time to come up with a name that reflects it.  You’ll want your title to be unique.  And you don’t want to stifle your creativity.

But at the same time, you’ll want people who see the title of your podcast to know what the podcast is about.  For example, “The Wrestlegeddon Podcast” is unique but clearly tells anyone who finds their Podcast on Apple, Google, iHeatRadio, etc. what the podcast is about: wrestling.

#3: Make Your Podcast A Business

Now that you know your name, you can register this name as a business.

Now I should stop right now and tell you that you do not have to make your podcast a business.  If you have no interest in earning money from your podcast, then it’s not necessary.  Registering your podcast as a business will cost money, after all.

But you might want to earn money from your podcast.  After all, you’ll have other expenses from starting your podcast you’ll want to cover.  Plus, you could earn a lot of money from starting a podcast.  We tell you how to earn money from your podcast here.

So if you do want to start a business for your podcast, you’ll also want to protect yourself legally.  One way you can do that is by creating an LLC.  We go over the advantages and disadvantages of starting an LLC here.

#4: Get The Right Tools

Now is the time to get the right tools for your new project.  We have a list of tools you need to get started with your podcast here.

#5: Get Started

You’ve got the tools.  You’ve protected yourself legally if you’ve decided to make money from your podcast.  And you know how you’re going to structure your podcast.

So the only step left is to get started on your podcast!  Good luck!