How you can start your own true crime blog & become a true crime blogger

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I’ve talked before about starting a true-crime podcast.  But I know that starting a podcast isn’t for everyone.  I myself, for example, enjoy expressing myself through writing more than talking.

So if you have a passion for true crime, like writing and do not see yourself with a podcast, you might want to consider a true crime blog.  That way, you could write about something you feel passionate about.

And you could potentially help get crimes solved.  Internet sleuths were praised in the recent case of Gabby Petito.

Make Your Blog Into A Business

You could also potentially make money.  How you can do that with a blog is through affiliate marketing.  We go over how to get started with affiliate marketing here.

Of course, if you are going to make money with this blog, you’ll need to make sure you protect yourself legally.  I suggest getting an LLC to take care of this.  You can find out how to start an LLC and the benefits of doing so here.

Give Your Blog a Specific Purpose

You’ll need to figure out what the theme of your blog is.  You could make it broad, such as true crime in general.  Or you could try to focus on crime in specific areas.  You could make it as broad of a country as Canada.  You could make it a region like the Midwest in the United States.  Or you could make it a state Texas or even a city like New York City.

Another way you could make your true crime more specific is by focusing on specific types of crimes.  You could focus on serial killers.  You could focus on unsolved cases.  Or you could focus on people who are still missing.  And you could focus on a specific type of victims, such as black women or teenage girls.

Basically, there are a lot of different ways for you to structure your blog.  And that is the exciting part.  Because this is all you, so you get to make all the decisions!

How to Get Started on Your Blog

But then comes what you might think is the hard part: getting the blog started.  You might think that if you’ve never started a blog it might be hard.

But that is actually not the case.  Beginners can do without any coding knowledge with WordPress.  WordPress is a great way to build a blog.  That is how we built this blog.  You can find out how you can WordPress to create your own true crime blog by following our step-by-step tutorial.