How to start a successful sports podcast & make money

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Do you like sports?  Do you like sharing your opinions about sports?  And do you like sports podcasts?  Well, have you considered starting your own sports podcast?

Having a sports podcast could be a lot of fun.  It could also earn you a lot of money.  We tell you how you can make money off of a podcast here.

So what do you need to do?

Figure Out Your Sports Podcast Focus

Before you get started, you might want to flesh out what you want your sports podcast to be about.  Is it going to be about sports in general?  Will you focus on a particular sport or sports league, like the NFL, NHL, NBA, Premier League, etc?  Do you want to focus on a particular team, like the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Yankees, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Blackhawks, etc.?  Do you want to focus on a fantasy sports league?  There are a lot of different ways you can go with.

This is also the time you should figure out what your podcast to be like.  Will you interview people?  Will you have a co-host?  Obviously, things can change organically as you start your podcast.  But this is a good time to figure out in general what you want to accomplish with your podcast.

This is also a good time to come up with the name of your podcast.  If you are planning to make money with your podcast, you might want to go ahead and register as a business.  You will need to look at your state and local business laws to figure out how to do that.  You also might want to consider getting an LLC at this point; we go more into detail about getting an LLC here.

Get the Tools to Get Started

So now it is time to get started on your podcast!  There are specific things you will need to get started with a podcast.  We go over that in our checklist for getting started with a podcast.

And then it’s time to get started with your sports podcast!  We wish you a lot of success!