Step by step guide for starting a soccer podcast

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Have you ever thought about having a soccer podcast?  I’m sure you’ve thought about it.  I’m sure you love talking about soccer.  Maybe you’d like to have a podcast about news about the Premier League, the Football League, or Major League Soccer.  Maybe you want to discuss Scottish, Australian, European, Japanese, Brazilian, etc. leagues.  Or maybe you want to talk about your opinions about leagues or players.  There are so many different topics you can cover in your podcast.  The possibilities are practically endless.

But starting your own soccer podcast may seem too hard to you.  Luckily, it is not.  We’ll walk you through a few steps you’ll need to do to get started on our very own podcast.

Step #1: Get an LLC

The first thing I always tell anyone who is starting a new business venture is to get an LLC.  If you are going to make money from a project, then you need to protect yourself legally.

Now, maybe you don’t want to earn money from your podcast, which is understandable.  And in that case, you can skip to the next step.

But you can make good money with a podcast; we go over ways to make money with your podcast here.  If nothing else, making money can make up for the cost of starting and working on your podcast.

But as long as you’re making money from your podcast, you need to be protected legally.  One way to do that is with an LLC.  I have done that with each business I have started.  I go over the benefits (as well as the negatives) of starting an LLC here.

Step #2: Get the Necessary Tools for your Podcast

There are certain tools you will need to get started with a podcast.  Some are digital, such as a host for your podcast.  Some are physical, like a microphone and a pop filter.

We go over a full checklist of things you’ll need for your podcast here.

Step #3: Start Working On Your Podcast

And now you are ready to go!  This is where the fun parts begin.  You can start working on your podcast!  Start thinking of episode ideas, whether or not you want guests on your show, what you will talk about, etc.


And there you have it!  Starting your own soccer podcast might seem daunting.  But it really isn’t.  Just follow these steps, and you could have your very own soccer podcast.  And you may be able to earn money from it, too!