Step by step guide tutorial for starting your own science podcast

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Have you ever thought about starting a science podcast?  Well, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing!  Because even if you’ve never had a podcast before, it is definitely something you can do.  In fact, we’ll go over the steps you should take.

Come Up With Your Focus

Before you start, you should come up with what you want to focus your podcast on.  You can make it a general science podcast, but there are more specific areas you can focus on.

Specific Scientific Fields

You could focus on a specific field of science, like paleontology, quantum physics, etc.

Debunking Myths with Science

You can have a podcast devoted to debunking myths with science.  You could have episodes using science to debunk incorrect theories on climate change, vaccines, etc.

Scientific Studies

You could have episodes based on famous scientific studies, like sociological experiments.

How Things Work

You could have a podcast with episodes explaining how things work.

Teaching Science

Similarly, you could have a podcast where you are essentially teaching science to your listeners.

News Reports

You could have a podcast where you report on news in the science world.


You could have a podcast where you interview famous or important people in the science world.  Or you could interview science professors and teachers.  You can also interview people who aren’t famous but should be in the science world, people who are doing interesting research or have interesting jobs, like an astronaut.

Science in Popular Culture

You could have a podcast where you discuss science in popular culture.  For example, you could discuss if something on Stranger Things could actually happen.

Investigative Journalism

You could do a podcast reporting on investigative journalism in the field of science.  For example, you could talk about concussions in the NFL, companies trying to bury research on climate change, etc.

Come Up With Your Name

Once you come up with your focus, then you can come up with a name for your podcast!

Start an LLC

If you are going to make money from your podcast, then it is imperative that you protect yourself legally.  I have always started an LLC whenever I opened a business.  I go over the advantages and disadvantages of starting an LLC here.

Get The Right Tools for Your Podcast

In order to start your podcast, you need the right tools.  We go over a checklist of everything you need to start a podcast here.

Get Started With Your Podcast

And now the fun part comes: you starting your podcast!  So just go through these steps and then you can start having fun!