How to start your very own relationship podcast

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A lot of people love listening to relationship podcasts.  So have you ever thought about starting a relationship podcast?  I’m sure you have a lot to say on the topic.

But you may think that starting your own podcast is too difficult.  Luckily, that is not true.  There are very achievable steps you can take so that you can start your own relationship podcast.  We’ll go over them today.

Pick A Focus

It’s important to know before you start your podcast what your podcast is about.  You could make a podcast about all topics regarding relationships.  Or you get more specific and focus on specific relationship topics.

Relationship Podcast Topics

Here are some of the topics you could focus on:

  • Relationship advice for marriages
  • Relationship advice for unconventional relationships or relationships that aren’t talked about enough, such as an open marriage or a polyamorous relationship
  • Faith-based relationship advice
  • LGBTQIA+ relationship advice
  • Question and answers where your listeners could send in questions and you (potentially along with a co-host) answer their questions
  • Discussions/advice about long-lasting marriages or relationships
  • Relationship advice for new relationships or new marriages
  • Dating advice
  • Stories of relationships
  • Relationship psychology discussion
  • Breakup advice
  • Divorce advice
  • Discussions/advice regarding healing from infidelity
  • Sex advice
  • Tips/advice for couples wanting to save their marriage or relationship

And these are just some ideas.  You can think of even more interesting topics regarding relationships, I am sure!

Pick A Format

In addition to picking a focus, you should also pick a format.  Will it just be you?  Will you have a guest host?  This can often be a good idea if say you want to give relationship advice along with your partner.  This is also the phase where you could decide if you wanted special guests on your podcast.

Start A Business

You have your focus.  And you have your format.  You’ve got that winning formula.

And with a winning idea, you’re going to want to make money from it.  And you can.  We go over how to make money with your podcast here.

But in order to make money from your podcast, you are going to need to form a business.  You’ll need to protect yourself legally.

One way to do that is by forming an LLC.  That is what I have done with all of my businesses.  I go over the pros and cons of doing this here.

Get The Right Tools

You may think you can start your podcast now, but you’ll need to make sure you have all the right tools and software first.  This includes recording and editing software, a microphone, a pop filter, etc.  We go over the complete list here.

Get Started

And now it is time to get started on your very own relationship podcast!  Good luck!